Let Democracy Bloom – Styled Shoot in Disused Govanhill Baths


I’ve featured the gorgeous lingerie by Lovedeluxe on the blog before, and here it is again today with some utterly showstopping flowers from Briar Rose Design in an unusual but brilliant shoot, which was inspired by a documentary about the closing down of a beloved swimming baths in Glasgow. I love how inspiration can come from literally anywhere, and I particularly love the depth of this one.




Sailor Jerry and Tattoos Inspired Wedding


Nick and Jessica married in September 2015. Jessica says of the day, “our theme was kind of a mash up of things we liked.. mainly Sailor Jerry and tattoos.” There are so many gorgeous details (my favourite being the skull candlestick on the ceremony table), and loads of styling ideas to inspire you. And the coolest thing is that they did all of this on just £4,000!!

lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-47 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-56 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-61



lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-2 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-126 lorna-lovecraft-alternative-wedding-photography-tattoo-rum-vintage-theme-129


The Toy Box at The Old House


The setting for this styled shoot will transport you to your childhood of dressing up, with all the magic that entailed – hours whiled away in a whimsical daydream, floating around being your most glamorous and adorned self.

The shoot also has something Tim Walker about it, what with the out-of-kilter perspective of larger than life toys and props compared to the smaller models draped around them.

It’s a perfect storyboard to display the beauty of Jan Knibbs’s garments and accessories and bring to life their magic.

_MG_1002 _MG_1008 _MG_1036




The Jilted Bride – Autumnal Wedding Styling


As styled shoot themes go, this is pretty out there: A jilted bride, with make-up running down her face from crying, marches through the fields as the sun sets. But as you know, I love an unusual context for bridal styling!

I think the bride actually looks very triumphant and strong. And the dress, flowers, and make-up are pure autumnal wedding styling!




The Other Space – Futuristic Wedding Styling


When I come up with concepts for styled bridal shoots, I mostly seem to stray into the other, the odd, and the slightly unsettling. It’s what I’m most drawn to, and I think they’re perfect backdrops to show bridal in another way.

This shoot was pure futuristic fantasy…

Lisa showed me the venue, and I was immediately transported into musings of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001 and A Clockwork Orange, with their stark white futuristic styling. I started pinning images of these movies, plus visors made of Perspex and also reflective metal (like in the Suede video for Trash), along with bursts of colour like orange. And I knew we had to have a jumpsuit and a cape in there somewhere. Basically, this was to be bridal not of this world, hence the name ‘The Other Space’ – that which lies beyond our dimension and existence.

Lisa was totally into this and didn’t run in the other direction; she also loves to bring bridal imagery out of the pretty and safe and into the realm of experimental and conceptual fashion and art. We just get each other and she is amazing to work with. The team we gathered around us was truly phenomenal. Everyone created the perfect realisation of the moodboard imagery and made it better than ever. I was bowled over by their ideas and interpretation of the brief.



dsc_3273 dsc_3276


Futuristic Wedding Styling Tips and Details

Keep your eyes peeled around Christmas time for unusual and decorative baubles as these can create fabulous centrepieces and ornamentation for your tables. Lisa picked up the spiky table pieces from Paperchase on the morning of the shoot in the January sales!

Keep your palette base as whites and silvers – these are the colours we recognise as having connotations of the future. Our venue, ICETANK, is white, and we then used a pinky purple light source to develop the futuristic feel into one of being out of this dimension.

For artistic licence, nails were hammered into the Perspex crown and this toughened the look right up! But obviously you don’t have to go that far in your own styling. But it would look cool!!

And I wanted the bold orange in the balloons and the stationery, with Lisa adding the perfect table with the orange legs, as a nod to Stanley Kubrick, whose signature style this shoot owes its heart to.

dsc_3289 dsc_3312 dsc_3221 dsc_3236 dsc_3250 dsc_3259 dsc_3266


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