Gold Styled Shoot


I’ve got a fabulous styled shoot for you today. It’s got lots of gold details, which is one of my favourite wedding palettes ever. It goes with so many other shades, so it can be light and fresh for summer and spring if teamed with maybe a coral or cool blue, or opulent and luxurious for the autumn and winter if you put it with berries and plums. It always, always looks classy and has a real wow factor.




This set of photos was sent to me by Olivia Whitbread-Roberts, and I was immediately in love. Even Mr B. went “woooow” when he walked past the screen, so it’s definitely a winner! Here’s the story behind the shoot…

‘Gold’ styled shoot was inspired by Pre-Raphaelite paintings expressing beauty and detail, and by the stunning red and gold array of the autumnal garden location and the fabulous auburn colour of the model’s hair, all of which was complemented by the golden luminous letter ‘G’.

Minted Save the Dates


If you’re as yet undecided over whether or not to bother with save the dates, you really need to see the ones from Minted. No quick email to your nearest and dearest could ever compete with these. I think you’ll be heading down the ‘yes’ route fairly quickly now!

I was asked if I could show these to my readers, and it was honestly a no-brainer to say yes, yes, yes. There is such a wide range of styles to choose from, yet there is one thread that links them: design savvy. As someone who loves her typography and design, there are loads in the collection that caught my eye. From bright and bold, to cutesy and romantic, to hipster, to minimalist, there was a design for most camps. I am genuinely impressed.

You can even get some of them embellished with foils so they really pop. This is a detail I love, seeing as my logo is a nod in that direction.

WOW Hearts… Toucans are the best birds and opening the blog to advertisers excitement!

Photos by Jim Pollard Goes Click via Hello May

I have a bumper hearts post for you today, so go get that gingerbread latte and settle in. I was sick, sick, sick last Friday with the evil affliction known as Labyrinthitis. One of my besties did make me laugh though, when she said she hoped the David Bowie stage hadn’t lasted too long. That was the stand out winner of the irresistible jokes!

So, what have I been up to apart from being poorly? Well, excitingly, I opened the blog up to advertising oooh! This is a fab development for me, and actually for you, too. I only accept advertising from suppliers whose work I love and who are fantastic at what they do. I don’t take just anything, so you can be sure they’re a Way Out Wedding approved vendor. On a side note, the photo of me on the link I’ve just given you made me pause before I used it because you can see a lot of wrinkles and ‘flaws’. But I decided to use it anyway because that is the real me. I get fed up with seeing false perfection everywhere. Give me reality any day. I have a post in the works about the rise of real images and how refreshing it is in a world of fakery and Facetune. I want to see more Lara Stones with their beautiful postnatal bodies, and less ‘break the internet’ rubbish. Anyway, I shall save this for my post!! On with the things I heart…

The Weddings, etc.

The Beauty

The Fashion

Kind of a nod to the puffball AND the Vivienne Westwood ‘mini-crini’ in one grand gesture, I really adore this.


Desiree Marie Designs


Ultimate Wedding Magazine – interview with editor Tina Reading

The first thing I did after getting engaged was to run at the speed of light towards the wedding magazines. A whole new section in WH Smiths was now for the taking. My dream! As I’ve mentioned, I’m a big fan of an actual tangible magazine or book, something you can hold, smell, fold down the pages of, and it’s hard for me to read solely online or on a device.

One magazine that’s an exception to this fastidiousness is Ultimate Wedding Magazine (UWM). Why? Its layout is clean, its voice is accessible, its features are interactive, removing the passive reader experience. This is a new and engaging way to view wedding loveliness. When Paula Broome and I ran our competition with UWM, I saw first hand that it was easy to navigate and I enjoyed getting around it and seeing all the brilliant content.

But it’s no use my saying to you, “yes, you should definitely read this magazine.” Even though that’s all I want to shout from the rooftops! Goodness knows we’re recommended stuff all day every day. So, I thought I’d chat to Tina Reading, the editor and founder, in more detail about UWM and get the lowdown on what makes it different and exciting.


What’s brought you to the world of writing about weddings?
Six years ago, I launched a series of nine lifestyle magazines along the Thames corridor from Oxford down to Chelsea, but found my true love was writing the wedding features. After three years, I became disillusioned with generic lifestyle articles and decided to launch my own wedding publication – best decision I have ever made.

I’ve always loved writing and having spent a lifetime doing PR and marketing for large clients, I felt the time was right to take control of my own destiny. I teamed up with one of the designers from the old lifestyle magazines and the rest is history! A team of two, taking on the world of weddings in a unique and stylish format.

We started as a home counties handbag print magazine, but realised that our readers wanted more, so Ricky, our creative guru, pioneered the world’s first interactive digital magazine! Available on all mobiles and tablets, this is a totally different way to view weddings. We completely engage with our readers (excuse the pun) and bring them into our world, using video to immerse the reader in a venue or product. There is nothing else like this in the UK or in the world.

UWM Image5

Ersa Atelier Fall 2015 Bridal Collection

E 037a2

I saw the images from the Ersa Atelier Fall 2015 bridal collection, as débuted at New York International Bridal Week in October this year, and was blown away by the regality, the structure and the luxury. This is a showstopping collection, and I am thrilled to be able to show you some of the absolute highlights here on Way Out Wedding.

Most times I will rewrite a press release, but actually this one says it all better than I could, so I’m not going to. Read on for the story of the designs, a story set in royalty, heroines, and in all the lands of all the world. Romantic and strong, this is a collection you’re going to love!