Ethereal Styled Shoot Inspiration

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Set in a beautiful house with exposed brickwork, peeling paint effect on broken wood in golds and blues, and dark-coloured original fireplaces, this shoot truly creates an ethereal mood by adding to all that boldness the softness of tulles, twinkling lights, blush tones and fairy-like make-up. The warmth of these set against the cool feel of the stylised house (which, by the way, I totally want to recreate in my house!!) creates a subtle drama.

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The coolness wasn’t just confined to the house style, as the photographer Izzy Hudgins says,

This was shot on the coldest day of January in Savannah. I know this because this is the gorgeous home of Shea Slemmer (super talented painter), and this part of her house has no roof. Or heat. But it didn’t stop us from making a whole lot of pretty – the biggest thank you ever goes to model Lauren Davis for getting into a metal tub in a wedding dress. Don’t worry, no models were hurt.

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SNAP Festival for Wedding and Lifestyle Photographers


Sometimes, it’s nice to show you all how hard the wedding professionals work at upping their game so that you get the very best they can offer, and so that your day is as wonderful and way out spectacular as it can be. Recently, Alexandra Merri of The Bijou Bride, got in touch with me to tell me about a new kind of event for professional wedding photographers, and I have to say it sounds fantastic!!

So, what is SNAP?

SNAP Photography Festival is a cross between a festival and a conference, with glamping, learning, networking and inspirational activities, gathering together a hundred photographers from all over the U.K., Europe and the rest of the world. Held at the beautiful Fforest resort in west Wales, the festival will run to the same format as a music festival, but is designed as an immersive learning and creative development experience for both new and experienced photographers.

SNAP will be:

  • 15 Workshops
  • 10 secret sessions
  • 1 monster end of festival party.

Some of the world’s most inspiring wedding photographers will be teaching alongside the U.K.’s finest home-grown talent, as well as photographers from outside of the wedding genre.

Attendees will stay on-site in glamping accommodation, complete with cosy wood-burning stoves and charging points for their smart phones. There are also a number of non-residential tickets for people who don’t fancy the full glamping experience.

Andria Lindquist

Andria Lindquist



Floral Bridal Shoot

Floral -1-5

Oh, how I love this floral bridal shoot by one of my absolute favourite photographers, Jo of Enchanted Brides Photography. All those colours just exploding about the place!

I think this would be a really lovely idea for a post-wedding shoot, where rather than trash your dress, you can get your avant garde on and create some art. Imagine this on your wall! You would be feeling beautiful every time you passed a picture like this!

Floral -1-17


WOW Hearts… Opening a shop excitement!

Pink Shoes

I have been a stranger, I know. It’s always busy with me because us mamas are crazy busy, fact. So, I have decided to do this little roundup post monthly for a while. But do not despair, it has a new format, hurray! I’m a visual being, and I really respond to seeing pretty pictures rather than endless lists of things that make my eyes swim, so I’ve put all the links to the weddings, DIY, fashion, and the food and drink into thumbnail pictures so you can see what fabulousness you’re heading off when you click. If you hover over the picture, it’ll give you a description of what it is, and I’ve popped the credits to the photographers at the foot of the post (and these will obviously also be listed when you get to your click’s destination), so that you’ll know who you want to book for your own wedding!!

The other exciting piece of news is that I’ll be opening a shop, not only on the blog, but also in real life when I’m exhibiting at wedding fairs. I’ve been a little bit addicted to eBay of late (and who wouldn’t be when you win such beauties as those pink shoes at the top of the post), buying bits to use in styled shoots and for the upcoming Way Out Wedding magazine. Now this is all grand, but where to store all the gorgeous wedding attire that arrives through the post? Not in this wee abode, that’s for sure! Mr B. is looking nervously at the growing piles of tulle and lace, ever expanding, a bit like that scene in Akira, but obviously nicer and less fleshy. So, I came up with the idea of selling it on to you guys! I’ll be thrifting and sourcing not only hot bridal gowns, but also grooms’ stuff and bridesmaids’ dresses, and even things for guests. You’re all invited to the treasure trove of amazing, one-off clothes! There’ll be a dedicated lookbook and everything. Oh me oh my, I am stupidly excited!! I used to shop in charity shops like a boss, but now I do most of that online, and here is a way to pass on the love. To be continued!!

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The Food and Drink

Jessica Milan

Swirly Chocolate Brittle on Lookbook Cookbook

Boulder Locavore

Vanilla steamer with rose marshmallows on Boulder Locavore

Double chocolate banana muffins with mascarpone frosting and bourbon caramel sauce on Call Me Cupcake


The Business


Kitsch 1980s Styled Shoot


Same sex Alternative Wedding

This is a shoot that will knock your fluorescent ’80s socks off. It celebrates same sex weddings, kitsch, 1980s, and has touches of Jean Paul Gaultier in the fashion and styling, and David LaChapelle in its fierce colour palette. It’s not your usual bridal shoot, and Amen to that. Safe to say that I was all over this in seconds.

Lauren from French Made, who conceptualised this dream, told me,

My inspiration for this shoot was some of the French ’80s artists I grew up admiring. There was a huge kitsch trend in France at the time, with artists like Lio and Rita Mitsouko, also Pierre et Giles and their collaboration with fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, and British singer Marc Almond: bright, colourful costumes, lots of sequins and glitters, a bit twee, a bit ‘anarchic’ but with a touch of cabaret glamour, fun and open-mindedness.

This was the inspiration behind our styled shoot, with an emphasis on equal marriage.

Paola De Paola, the photographer, couldn’t have been more ideal for this project. As well as being a super talented photographer, she specialises in same sex weddings.

So super kitsch we went and boundaries we pushed…

Same sex Alternative Wedding

Paola goes on to say,

When Lau first mentioned to me the idea of this shoot. I was literally over the moon. Eccentric, OTT, colourful, alternative? Oh, yes please. I adore kitsch, I love quirky and diversity. Putting the shoot together was a lot of work and a lot of fun, too. We couldn’t stop giggling! I loved every minute of this project. I am crazy about everything visually unconventional and creative. Being able to work with talented artistic wedding suppliers on this styled shoot was very inspiring. Our focus was on bright colours and eccentricity, reminiscent of the 1980s. The retouching was very extreme to give the skin a plastic feel; very surreal.

Same sex Alternative Wedding

Same sex Alternative Wedding

Lauren adds,

The video put together by Digital Bohemia reflected Paola’s images perfectly. They managed to capture the essence of the day, and really showcased the team of suppliers, without whom this crazy magic wouldn’t have happened.

Same sex Alternative Wedding

Same sex Alternative Wedding

Gwenda from The Vintage Floral Design Co. tells us that,

The artists who were our inspiration for this shoot typically used a lot of artificial flowers in their compositions, so this was a good excuse to go faux! Fusing two of the prevailing themes, I chose a mix of exotic orchids and ferns and garden roses. From these I made two bouquets for our brides and officially the craziest tablescape I have ever had the pleasure of creating – complete with a light-up bunny and reproductions of the retro classic Featherstone flamingos for the ultimate injection of kitsch!

Same sex Alternative Wedding Same sex Alternative Wedding Same sex Alternative Wedding