Media Kit 2017

Way Out Wedding Media Kit 2017 1

A little while ago, I posted about not being able to blog as much for a while and so moving over to Instagram, and I have to say thank you soooo much to everyone who sent me lovely messages of encouragement and virtual hugs – you are so cool!!

It did mean that I anticipated a fall in blog visits and so I called a halt to advertising. How could I accept money knowing readership would fall away?

Now what was really lovely was that people still wanted to work with me, getting in touch to suggest alternatives, such as Instagram campaigns (my Insta has grown loads since concentrating on it!!). This was a) a real confidence boost – I may be small, comparatively, but the brand is strong and was surviving this break, and b) incredibly heartening to know that so many in the wedding industry are supportive and want to have your back and help.

So after speaking to these lovely people and having a brainstorm as to how to still provide a bridge between my readers and suppliers while being more quiet, I’ve come up with a more niche range of ways to work with me and I’ve rethought my prices. I think you will like!!!


Otaduy | Galactic Love


Fashion is having a love affair with anything galaxy, space and constellations at the moment, with absolute killer looks from Chanel, Gucci and Saint Laurent dominating my heart.

Way Out Wedding favourite Otaduy’s latest collection, Galactic Love, takes inspiration from the same pool and more subtly reflects it, most notably in the details on the Andromeda, Spica and Galatea dresses.

This shoot includes many of the dresses from the collection but rather than go space-age actually styles them ‘1990s meets high street meets couture’. Definitely my kind of look, mashed up so.

Stylist Monica Anoz says,

“We wanted to achieve a bold style, with grunge touches, lots of leather, and vintage elements, such as Gucci pearl shoes, grid t-shirts, jewellery, cowboy boots and black sunglasses. However, we wanted to keep the classic touches like silk, embroidery, and exquisite fabrics to the touch and sight.”

We never stopped orbiting together. We are the universe.



Metallics meets Vintage | A Bridal Shoot Mash-Up in Margate


You know what I like? Shiny things. And vintage bridal. And Margate. So this styled shoot ticks all these boxes and then does extra time. Sometimes the styling of vintage wedding attire stays very much within the same boundaries we’ve always seen, and so you can get ‘vintage blindness’ or even boredom. Which is a shame because I am a huge fan of preloved (case in point: owns a preloved bridal range…).

But the styling here looks firmly to the future, what with all that metallic going on, and that creates a new and arresting context for the vintage pieces. It’s reimagined and therefore brand new again. It’s innovative and clever, and I think you might just love it…



All The Stars Explode Tonight: Archive 12 Lookbook


It was the galactic styling of this lookbook shoot from Northern Irish bridal boutique Archive 12 that caught my eye on Instagram: the projections of constellations onto the model, echoed in her make-up where stars adorn her face, all grounded with a grungey pairing of trainers and gown. Well, it’s just modern bride styling perfection for me.




Oh, You Pretty Things 

becky ryan photography - alternative wedding photography_3191

There’s so much retro kitsch in this shoot!! I can’t love it enough!! Sugary shades, 1970s ornaments and furniture, 1950s hair and make-up, even my favourite the 1980s gets a look-in on the jewellery side.

The clash of all these works, and again proves you can bring together all the things you love at your wedding, no matter if they are wildly varying. Your wedding day is truly a day you can indulge your loves and passions and represent yourselves fully and eclectically in style. Do not hold back!

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