A Yellow Polka Dot Venice Elopement


Cat and Mark’s elopement looks like such fun. Just the two of them stealing away to be wed under the sunny skies of Venice at the Palazzo Cavalli, before taking a romantic gondola ride to their first meal as husband and wife. I love it! And the bride’s yellow polka-dot dress and pink shoes combo is summery, cute, and flirty.

The bride says of how they met, “Mark and I share many webs of people and friendships, so we see it as meant to be that we met, and at the time we did. We have a few mutual friends that have intertwined since we were both 18 or so.” Definitely written in the stars!

Mark asked Cat to marry him after dinner during a romantic stroll on a beach whilst on holiday in North Africa, under the brilliant light of the moon. With a ring designed and made especially for this moment seven years after they first met, he presented Cat with an exquisite tear drop emerald, which is the birth stone for the two Taureans, surrounded by a cluster of diamonds.



Claire Macintyre Wedding Photography

Claire Macintyre Vintage Wedding Photography-4

Claire Macintyre, in my opinion, creates visions, not just pictures. Full of light, colour, romance and perfect compositions, the photographs she takes are magical. You can see below from the images of real weddings (as well as styled shoots) that you would be spoiled for choice when it came to picking the final selection for the album!

I also very much love Claire’s approach to her work; it’s so unique:

” I am part documentary photographer and half editorial photographer, making me a favourite for couples who want all those precious, real, candid moments captured as well as stunning, Old Hollywood, romantic portraits.”

And this gorgeous mix of styles is super clear in the finished images. Her style is an extension of who she is, and so when you book her, you get that passion shining through your photos. Claire is your gal to capture you looking the million dollars that you are! She sees it, and she knows how to capture it.

Make sure you check out Claire’s brilliant special offer for Way Out Wedding readers towards the end of the post. Major clue – boudoir…

Claire Macintyre Vintage Wedding Photography-1

Vintage Wedding Photography

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Soft opulent Marie Antoinette shoot in Pantone 2016 colours

Martha and Arthur Studios_0777

I cannot resist Marie Antoinette. Her style, at least. And this shoot pulls it off to perfection! The decadence and the splendour, which are not at the expense of being achievable, and the grandeur of the venue come together to create a beautiful Marie daydream. There is so much you could take from this shoot for your own wedding day, and the Pantone colours of Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue aren’t too overpowering here, so your wedding wouldn’t look dated or obviously tied to this time. It is really cleverly done.

What’s also cleverly done is how the punky vibe of Marie is reflected in the outfit with the waistcoat by Jan Knibbs – a very Gwen Stefani look, and one that has stolen my heart, along with that floral train!! – and alongside it is a more classic guise of the teen queen in the Ashton Rose Bridal Centre gowns, so there is inspiration for everyone, whether alternative or traditional. Which Marie are you?

Martha and Arthur Studios_0722

Marie Antoinette mini wedding cakes 2

Martha and Arthur Studios_0753

Martha and Arthur Studios_0749

The Story of the Shoot by Ellis of Aisle Hire It

“We styled this year’s Aisle Hire It Limited shoot around the Pantone colours of 2016 (serenity and rose quartz), creating a soft, feminine, opulent and romantic vibe, whilst injecting plenty of quirky elements of Marie Antoinette and the French Renaissance with an eclectic and unique style. Lots of cherry blossom, soft pink, eggshell blue, gold and unexpected alternative touches. There was a wonderfully heavy focus on couture fashion (from local, award-winning Jan Knibbs), in addition to decadent florals, beautifully hand finished cakes and styling.

“We have a genuine love of history, and have wanted to style a Marie Antoinette bridal shoot for years. With the increase in luxury and opulently styled weddings that were coming to us as a prop hire and venue styling company, we knew it was time to get out there and create something truly breathtaking!

“The 2016 Pantone colours were the perfect palette to complement this Marie Antoinette theme, and we ensured that the gentle pastel colours were used carefully throughout the shoot, with the occasional injection of bolder colours and gold to give the styling depth.

“From the beautiful bridal bouquet that was adorned with pink feathers and pearl necklaces, to the intricately hand finished Marie Antoinette wedding cake that took pride of place on our vintage quaint dressing table, every element of the shoot was carefully planned.

Martha and Arthur Studios_0783


Desire Kissed Bridal Collection by Lorie X

Nisha Dress Promo3

The words ‘ethereal’ and ‘whimsical’ get used so much when you talk about bridal, but they truly do fit here with the new collection from Lorie x. You can add in ‘artistic aesthetic’ as well because the dresses have illustrations on them and writings. And not just for their own sake; these are truly meaningful additions. We have the majestic elephant lending spirituality to the Samsara dress, and a fishing boat with the words “The sun cannot bleach it, nor the tide wash it away.” from The Beach on the Esha dress.

And let’s pause a moment to consider the names of the pieces, taken from Sanskrit: Esha (one meaning being ‘desire’ thus tacitly and subtly completing the quote from The Beach); Samsara (the cycle of existence through life and death, the wandering through); Nisha (the night); Nima (the sun); Sonam (the gifted, fortunate one); and Tashi (prosperity). There is such elegance in these names given so thoughtfully to the garments. It gives them another depth that brides will almost certainly take on board on the wedding day, where emotions are high and hearts and minds are at their most open.

Put simply, the dresses and separates in this stunning Desire Kissed collection come straight from the heart and soul of designer Laura. And they are upliftingly beautiful.


Esha Dress Front

Esha Dress Print


Nisha Dress Front

Nisha Dress Promo4 (more…)

Shuttleworth Swiss Gardens Vintage Wedding Festival and Fake Wedding

Vintage wedding fair

The National Vintage Wedding Fair comes to Swiss Gardens in Old Warden, Bedfordshire, on April 17th, 2016, but this time also brings with it something slightly different: a fake wedding! A what? You mean where a fake bride marries a fake groom? Yes, exactly that, but everyone else attending is real: the celebrant, the photographer, the stylist, the videographer, as well as a real beautiful cake, canapés and flowers. It’s a way of bringing the wedding fair to life, and of showing you how the vendors you might book at the event actually perform at a wedding.

Fair director, Kate Beavis, tells us more about this new fake wedding concept:

“A fake wedding is a great way for brides- and grooms-to-be to really experience wedding businesses in action, so they can visualise their style and see first-hand how they interact while working. They all become the guests at the wedding, and observe potential contacts at work, rather than just displaying their services and products as part of an exhibition stand. The concept isn’t new as it is very popular in the US, but it is still pretty unheard of in the UK.”

vintage wedding fair

Kate runs fairs around the country but this is her first outdoor event, which is something she is very excited about.

“We’ve teamed up with the Shuttleworth Collection team as this is the perfect setting for our fair as well as for your wedding; the Swiss Gardens are not only beautiful but are a great example of Regency design, with interesting landscapes at every turn, and with 13 listed structures, including an amazing grotto with stained glass windows and a domed roof. There are even peacocks wandering about to add even more colour to proceedings! But don’t take my word for it – The Guardian describes it as a “miniature world, dotted with follies as absurdly pretty as illustrations in a fairy tale”.”

With stylists Fleur De Lace and photographer Sharon Cooper already confirmed to take part at the fake wedding, the event is set to be fabulous. Not forgetting that there is a wedding fair too, under a marquee with wedding craft workshops where you can learn how to make flower head crowns, live music as well as more vintage wedding exhibitors, this is going to be a great day out.