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This Is England ’86 Wedding Inspiration

Oh. My. God.

This shoot was inspired by the This is England ’86 series, and the incredible tour de force that is Lauren of French Made wanted to create a shoot that reflected the unique subcultures of the ’80s, and the friendship, love, and fun that went with them – and she absolutely smashed it! By curating a crack team of suppliers who all shared the same love for the era – more than a surface-level appreciation, but a deep-seated nostalgic yearning towards it forever and always – she created a shoot of alternative vintage duh-reams:

“As well as being cool and pretty, I wanted this shoot to be simply honest, real and raw. This is why it features real Mods, original Skinheads and Goths, real friends, real couples as well as suppliers who understand what the alternative way of life is about. And the perfect venue!”


How To Plan Your Wedding With Hidden Disabilities in Mind

As a mum of two children who both have what’s known as ‘hidden disabilities’, attending even family gatherings, never mind weddings, is a huge challenge. My husband and I usually spend the whole time anticipating or soothing their sensory overloads and missing the event, or sometimes if it’s all too much we simply have to leave early.

What is a hidden disability, you might be asking, and why would that happen? We’re all familiar with disabilities where equipment such as a wheelchair or hearing aids makes it clear that someone needs additional support, but what about when there are no obvious pointers like these to suggest that someone might be struggling? Neurological conditions like autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, and a whole host of ‘syndromes without a name’, don’t always come with support aids (although lots do). Many of them come with ‘invisible’ characteristics such as being overwhelmed, and actually pained, by noises, smells, and lights, which can be really challenging and actually impossible to cope with in a noisy, busy, ‘neurotypical’ world. We are beginning to accommodate the needs of those with these disabilities – we have quiet hours in shops, and autism-friendly performances in theatres and cinemas where the house lights aren’t totally off and the volume is lower – but we still have a long way to go…


Millennial Bride Tribe

If we learnt anything from The Spice Girls – and we learnt plenty – it’s that a) platform boots will always be a look and b) girl power is forever. Today’s lookbook shoot totally embodies both of these essential life lessons!

Super talented wedding ‘tog Sophie Lake teamed up with the fabulous shiny new bridal boutique Halo & Wren to shoot the stylish bridal editorial that the world has been crying out for. They wanted to create a lookbook for the millennial bride who wants to swap fuss for fashion and formality for pure fun.

“Relaxed girl power is the essential vibe of the entire shoot. Having two brides conveys more of a message of power and friendship – I want brides to think of their friends when they see the images.”

Well, viva forever to that, hey?!


Bohemian Barn Wedding With Tattoos and A Gospel Choir

Ladies, lovelies, and those beyond the binary, do we have SUCH a treat for you today. Rachael and Marc’s wedding last August was a gorgeous sunny day full of teary happy moments, laid back bohemian vibes and some serious style. And a surprise gospel choir! A recipe for success if ever I’ve heard one…

“We live in an 18th century country farmhouse in a small village outside of Leeds, and as I am a boho girl at heart we knew that our venue would have to be something stunning but with a relaxed feel to it. My mum recommended East Riddlesden Hall to us, and when we went to view it we were blown away. It had such a lovely feel, but was also the perfect blank canvas. We knew then and there that it was perfect for what we wanted – I think we called the next day to book it!”



Feminist, Bold and Badass Bridal Shoot

Much of the bridal world is ‘sweet’ and stereotypically ‘girly’ (I don’t even like typing that word as I hate gender constructs, and always strive to ignore them in the hope they’ll go away), but rising star and styling genius Michaela of Clear-Hearts created today’s shoot that challenges that notion of bridal in terms of its position of the overriding default and dares to dream of another type: kick-ass, bold, darker and residing in the rock or metal world. You don’t have to like pink to be a bride (although that is also OK if you do).