Love Sick London Love Shoot


This is how I love the couples and love shoots I feature to look – a couple dressed up to the nines (the more effort you put into the outfits, for me, the better the photos look) and laughing and being goofy together. Crazy in love shining through every image.

Today’s shoot is from Rabbit & Pork Photography (who I love!), and it’s actually also a product photography shoot. Verity explains,

“This was a love shoot I did for Love Sick London: a streetwear clothing brand born out of the love for London, tattoos and skate culture. They wanted to use real couples around London for the launch of some new products.”

Courtney and Bud, who met a year and a half ago at a tattoo convention and have basically been inseparable ever since, shine in these photos. Courtney is a tattoo artist and model, Bud is also a model, and together they rock this brand of clothing completely. And Kings Cross with all its rough diamond charm is the perfect backdrop to it all.



The Edwardian Bride

Edwardian Shoot-35

One of the things I love seeing is how fashion has evolved over the decades, changing in tune with the social, political and artistic backdrop of which its a part. And sometimes in rebellion of those things, i.e. the Great British subcultures such as punk. Kate Beavis of the National Vintage Wedding Fair sent over this elegant Edwardian shoot, which was enough on its own to make me want to blog it immediately – what wonderful imagery and inspiration from some of my favourite suppliers – but attached was also a piece about the Edwardian bride’s style and why it was so. It’s fascinating, and I’m really pleased to be able to bring it to you today. So, are you ready for your bridal history lesson?

edwardian veil-1

Edwardian Shoot-25

The Edwardian Bride

“The Victorian era saw brides corseted and bustled into uncomfortable styles, but with the turn of the century and a new king, wedding dresses changed. Brides were choosing comfort but also fashion, preferring lighter fabrics and looser shapes, which continued until the end of the 1920s.

“Hemlines were shorter, with most ending mid-calf, revealing simple white pumps or boots. Dresses were layered over simple slips, and shapes were natural with a satin sash nipping in the waist, often with flower corsage pinned on one side.

“The most extravagant dresses would be beaded and embroidered in satins and velvets with multiple layers, teamed with a parasol. A more simple style would be to wear a white cotton blouse and skirt, which would be perfect for a more country wedding. The more fashionable Edwardian brides would have ruffles, long opera gloves and stunning large art nouveau jewellery.

“The veil was long and worn cap style with flowers worn over the top, reminiscent of the flower crowns worn today. Brides chose herbs and ferns to adorn their bouquets, believing that the former would ward off evil spirits.

“Photography was increasing in popularity, so the Edwardian couple would have had very staged photos taken at their wedding. Clever tricks were introduced to bring through hints of colour within the images, highlighting the bride’s flowers and rouge. She stood transfixed in interesting poses to reveal her new slender form.

“This Edwardian look is increasing in popularity for vintage weddings, and more cotton and lace styles have survived. However, often the sizes are small, but there are some fabulous designers out there inspired by this look catering for all.”

Edwardian Shoot-15


Flowers in her Hair Styled Shoot – Oversized Flower Crown Inspiration

Flowers in her hair styled shoot 041

Wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day is such a beautiful trend that has endured, growing and developing in recent years from subtle clips and combs, through bolder crowns, and into full-on cascades of dramatic blooms that can mirror or complement your bouquet, buttonholes, etc., and really tie your whole look together.

Today’s shoot, put together by Louise Leaves from Lovehairbylou, shows floral hair adornments that sit firmly on the theatrical and showstopping end of the spectrum. However, as you can see, when teamed with beautifully simple and delicate gowns and almost natural (apart from those lashes!) make-up, you don’t have to be an extrovert to rock such a look. It really can be for everyone.

Flowers in her hair styled shoot 025 Flowers in her hair styled shoot 016


The Vintage Wedding Festival

The Vintage Wedding Fair 2015

All you glamorous vintage lovers, listen up because here is a wedding fair you’ll want to get along to. The Vintage Wedding Festival at Pinewood Studios is brought to you by wedding photographers and bloggers Claire Macintyre and Kelly Green at The Vintage Wedding Society. If you’ve read their blog, you’ll know they’re talking your language. The Vintage Wedding Festival grew out of this and was created to showcase some of the most amazing, unique and creative professional wedding services to the brides of Bucks, Berks, Surrey and Oxfordshire.

Claire told me, “the event will host an array of wedding industry suppliers and professionals that specialise in providing the very best wedding goodies for the unique, creative and vintage loving bride, and all in the stunning and iconic wedding venue, Heatherden Hall at Pinewood Studios: a truly impressive wedding venue.”

Berkshire Vintage Wedding Fair_0006 Berkshire Vintage Wedding Fair_0011 Berkshire Vintage Wedding Fair_0004