#weddingrevolution – Shaking Up the Industry


Know what I love? That recently the wedding world is being contemporised and revolutionised by more and more creative talent, dissatisfied with settling for the same old things. I’ve spoken lately about different wedding fairs that cater for the section of the market more into its modern style (Most Curious wedding fair) and its alternative vibe (Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza).

You’re such lucky people because here’s another amazing and talented member of the wedding industry, Kiki-Sunshine of Chosen Wedding Fair, committed to providing you all with creative and mould-breaking suppliers in the form of an online resource designed to complement and inspire your planning. Lucky, lucky, lucky!! I would’ve been all over this when I was planning my big day!!

Here’s Kiki herself to explain this exciting and much-needed shake-up!


We’re absolutely over the moon to announce our campaign – the #weddingrevolution


We know there’s a great amount of creative and innovative vendors out there, and we’ve made it our mission to bring that talent together, and help drive the industry forward by promoting contemporary makers, ideas and vision.

We don’t mind the traditional, but what we do love to see are variations, new ideas and imagination running wild, whether that be in bridalwear, in floristry, accessories, in photography or any other area.

We believe in promoting fresh thinking.

We believe in the sheer unbridled talent the UK has to offer.

We believe that brides and grooms deserve to know what options they have for their contemporary weddings and for those options to be freely available and easy to find.


After my beau proposed to me, I hunted high and low to find things that would fill my planning experience with fun, excitement and joy. I went to various fairs, looked around online, bought too many magazines, and ended up feeling rather flat and confused. There wasn’t much that really grabbed me or screamed ‘yes, this is what you want!’ as I was told there would be. People were asking me if I was enjoying the planning experience and the truth was, as ashamed as I was to admit it, I really wasn’t.

The result? It gave me drive to push forward with Chosen Wedding. (more…)

A Borough Market Engagement Shoot: Kim and Dan

creative  engagement shoot in London 

When I lived in London, one of my very favourite places to go was Borough Market. There’s nothing like ambling around, sampling delicious food and drink, buying some for your dinner, then stopping off at one of London Bridge’s lovely pubs before heading home. It’s relaxing and revivifying all at once. I must say this a hundred times each week, but I miss London. Very much.

So when I saw this gorgeous engagement shoot, with its vibrant colours, lovely memories, and beautiful couple Kim (reminding me of a brunette Sarah Cracknell with her amazing knockout eyeliner – good woman!!) and Dan, I said I must, must blog this. And if you’re anywhere near this great market, get up straight away after reading this and go and have your lunch there!!

creative  engagement shoot in London  creative  engagement shoot in London  creative  engagement shoot in London 

Kate and Jordan’s Kitsch, Americana Wedding


I love Kate and Jordan’s wedding so much! It totally makes me think of Lipstick on Your Collar (the Dennis Potter drama with Ewan McGregor in the ’90s) – so rock and roll! The bride is what can only be described as a total bombshell, and this wedding day reflects perfectly how you do the styling: as an extension of all the things you already love on their best day ever. I’ve said it before, but these are the wedding days that are the happiest and where everyone enjoys themselves fully. Wait until you see the huge smiles in the pictures! And guys, your dancing skills RULE!

How They Met

In 2006, we both started first year of Physics and Astronomy at University of Glasgow. Apparently, Jordan was in love with me from the first moment he saw me! I couldn’t help but notice him as he was always jumping around; doing bizarre jumps and kicks around desks! I didn’t pass much heed on him, although I loved his Kermit jacket. His silly antics, I later found out, were his way of trying to impress me – they didn’t work.

At the end of the year, around exam time, he asked to be my Bebo friend! We chatted about studying and stuff on there and how awful we were both going to do in exams. After the physics exam, Jordan invited me to join him and his friends at the union for some drinks. We discussed the exam. He thought it went great, I thought it was a disaster (it turns out he failed and I got an A!). We all hung out for a while before I had to go into the city for a job interview. I promised I’d come back and he promised they’d still be there. So I came back, one job richer, and he was the only one left. We chatted and laughed loads and had quite a few drinks. Our first kiss was on the subway home.

57 87 111

The Proposal

I was heading to Paris to give a talk at a conference and Jordan had the Friday and Monday off work. We decided we would go to Paris early and take in some sights before I had to work. So, apparently on the Wednesday, Jordan decided he had to propose… that weekend!

We started off the day by walking to Notre Dame and standing by the river, looking up at the Rose Window. There was a duck on the wall – Duck Monsieur (this is a key detail). We decided to queue and head inside the cathedral. Once we were out, Jordan wanted to go back through to the gardens, but I made the point that it was quicker to walk the other way if we wanted to get to Champs-Élysées. Seeing that I was adamant to go the other direction, Jordan, knowing me very well, asked if I wanted to check if the duck was still on that wall! Kate’s rational thoughts: “Well, yes! I’d love to see if the duck is there! What a great idea!” It wasn’t there.

But, we stood for a while in a nook in the wall and the sun came out… a bride came by for photos by the cathedral… *sets the scene*… Jordan swung me around to face him and took both my hands.

It went like this:

J: “I love Paris.”

K: “I love Paris too. I hate the Metro!” (we’d had a rubbish experience on it once we arrived!)

J: “I love you. I want to love you forever. Will you marry me?”

K: *blubbering mess for 45 seconds* Of course I will!



Blushing Bride and Bunnies Styled Shoot

Bunnies, Curls and Macaroons (29)

If you’re a fan of pink and girliness, this is so very much the styled shoot for you. Oh, and there are bunnies yay! And macarons! This is a really playful and fun photo shoot, which will not only inspire you, but will probably make you nostalgic for when you imagined weddings as a young girl, full of all the lovely things!

Charlotte Garratt, couture bridal designer, explains the story behind the shoot:

The Blushing Bride and Bunnies shoot was dreamt up between myself and wedding photographer San Shawe of Sanshine Photography. We wanted to create an ultimately girly collection of images that would focus a bride’s experiences throughout her engagement. From the bridal shower with presents and treats, to lingerie sessions, to, of course, the dress and getting ready on the big day. With the colour scheme of blush pinks, golds and ivory, the vision was one of sophisticated but playful femininity, accompanied by some very cute little darling helpers, who almost stole the show – adorable bunnies!

Bunnies, Curls and Macaroons (1) Bunnies, Curls and Macaroons (13) Bunnies, Curls and Macaroons (11)

A Most Curious Wedding Fair 2015


The world of wedding fairs is so lucky right now because more and more left field and design-led events are popping up as a saviour for those couples who don’t want the hyper-traditional big day. They know what they want, and have zero luck finding it at the usual wedding fairs that just do not cater for any vision beyond the same-old, same-old. With this new breed of fairs, contemporary brides and grooms are, at last, catered for.

Seeing in its tenth year, Most Curious is actually the first of this type of fair, where established brands exhibit alongside up-and-coming makers working from their bedrooms, kitchens, studios and raw imaginations (all handpicked for their savvy and their creativity and ability to speak to the ideas of today’s modern couples). Its strapline is ‘The Wedding Show for the Style-Savvy Couple.’ Hallelujah for cool wedding fairs!!

“The fair prides itself on being the first of its kind to strip back the labels – vintage, alternative, designer, luxury – let’s just keep it simple: stylish, free spirited, now and next.”



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