Minna Bridal ‘Every Woman Collection’

This is a mammoth post, to say the least! I’m really pleased to be showing you these gorgeous and bohemian designs from bridal label Minna. There are short styles, maxi styles, and beautiful tactile fabrics, all set to make you shine on your wedding day. I would say they definitely suit the laid back, boho bride, and I can see them rock a summer wedding brilliantly. These are just a few (!) of my absolute favourites from the collection. The range of accessories are also so lovely, and I’ll showcase these in a separate post.


Minna Anna Dress


Minna Anya Dress


Minna Effie Dress


Minna Elina Dress


Minna Elsie Dress


Minna Estelle Dress




Minna Johanna Dress



Eight: A Collection Based on True Love by Velvet Johnstone


Well, Velvet Johnstone has done it again with the new collection, Eight. If you’re a bride looking for modern, edgy, contemporary bohemian, and unique designs, honestly you’ve come to the right place with this range. We have organza culottes layered over a jumpsuit, a sexy low-backed corset with a tulle cape, and digitally printed bamboo silk kimonos, among other things. You’re not going to look like a cookie-cutter bride in anything from Velvet Johnstone. Such unique designs, and I love them all, no exaggeration!

Check out this DIVINE collection, and let me know which is your favourite!!





Velvet Johnstone Velveteen Dress


Frocks in a Box: Hen Parties With Sass and Style


You know how I’m all over alternative weddings? Well, same goes for hen and stag parties. If going wild in town with matching t-shirts, deely boppers and fluffy handcuffs is your thing, go for it, but I think it’s been well-covered everywhere and we all know where to get that stuff. What I’m excited by is something new that caters for a different style of hen, although no less raucous! Imagine you can dress up in vintage-inspired dresses and accessories, style your hair and beauty in the fashions of yesteryear, and have a good old knees-up in your own home before hitting the town. You’ll be the classiest and sassiest hens around. If you’ve not heard of Frocks in a Box, the company that will grant this wish, be prepared to change any hen plan you have now for this one!!

Basically, you can either have a dressing up party (which includes range of vintage style dresses with petticoats, a variety of vintage and vintage inspired accessories, a range of vintage style dresses with petticoats, a variety of vintage and vintage inspired accessories, vintage hair and make-up styling tips, a set of digital photographs, a free hair accessory for you to keep), or a dressing up box (containing one swing dress, petticoat and two accessories per person. The dresses in this box are made in England by Oh My Honey!), or you can simply hire the dresses alone.




Studying to Become a Wedding Planner With NCC Home Learning


I was approached a couple of weeks ago to see if I’d like to try out and review a course from NCC Home Learning, either the Plan Your Own Wedding Diploma or the Wedding Planner Diploma. I chose the latter because I’ve already done my own wedding nearly seven years ago (what??!), and also because I’ve been wanting to diversify and expand my skillset within the wedding industry for a while, and add to that I’ve had a few emails from readers about becoming a wedding planner, so I thought this would be the one we’d all find most useful.

I worked at an exam board once upon a time, so the most important thing for me to ask of NCC Home Learning was about accreditation: is this a worthy qualification? No point in taking this course or recommending it if it’s not been through proper development and sign-off. I’ve been reassured that it’s Level 3 on the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF), is accredited by NCFE, and has been developed by, “a qualified wedding planner and author who has a wealth of experience in this industry.” In fact, it’s the planner behind Madonna and Guy Ritchie’s wedding and also Robbie Williams’s 30th birthday party, so he knows his stuff!! And so I am thrilled to be getting going with this, and am really grateful to NCC Home Learning for giving me this opportunity!

I’ve had a look through the modules, and there’s a good comprehensive coverage of all things planner, from wedding themes, the planning process, catering, etc., to useful business topics such as marketing your services. You don’t need any prior knowledge or experience, it says, which is good for those looking to change career. You get your course manual, assignments and study guide plus tutor support by mail and email, along with 12 months of unlimited support. Assessment is done on a modular basis, with each section requiring you to pass a test and an activity. No end-of-course exam to panic about!

I’ve listed this under ‘sponsored posts’ because I will gain, for free, the qualification worth £340 (you can also pay in instalments) on completion of the course, in return for this introductory post and a review post at the end. I hope you’ll find it useful to read my thoughts on the course, both as a wedding blogger and an ex-qualification developer.

OK, so back to school I go! Wish me luck!


Image by Death to the Stock Photo



Natalie J Weddings Reviews Yellowbluepink Art Installation


London, I miss you. I miss your busy buzz, your crazy ideas of cereal and cat cafés, your spectrum of fashion from couture at the fingertips to preloved to markets and everything in between, and your bands and gigs. Mostly I miss your art. I used to frequent the galleries and gaze at all the wonders both elegantly old and sometimes mystifyingly modern, leaving a richer person and psyched to create something myself. When I saw the photos Natalie J. showed on her Facebook page of Ann Veronica Janssens’s ‘yellowbluepink‘ at the Wellcome Collection in London, I thought yes, this is just exactly the sort of beautiful madness I miss. An art installation of rainbow mists I could never do justice to simply by describing it as an outsider with no experience, so I asked Natalie how she found it…

“Today I visited the yellowbluepink installation with a dear and shining soul of a friend. We queued for more than three hours to enter the rainbow-coloured swirling mist, and the wonder-full experience that awaited us was fully worth it. This immersion of perception and colour is part of a larger exhibition, ‘States of Mind,’ on consciousness that the gallery will hold for most of 2016, and I felt the urge to take my ‘proper’ camera along for the experience. This year I am promising myself to reconnect and take photographs that make my heart sing.”

nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8946 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8908 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8912 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8917 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8919 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8922 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8927 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8929 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8930 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8935 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8936 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8939 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8941 nataliejweddings_yellowbluepink_8944