Glacier Bride


Some styled shoots just knock you off your feet. This is one of them. The images look like watercolour paintings in places!

Photographer David told me,

“Our team drove four hours through snowstorms and hiked the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta, Canada, at 10,000ft with flowers and a wedding gown, in the middle of nowhere. I put my whole heart into this and I hope it shows.”

It absolutely shows. If you were ever wondering about a winter wedding, I think these are the pictures to make your decision!







Teacup Dress


Kate Miles, the designer of this gorgeous dress, is just 16 years of age, and I think she is definitely one to watch!! Kate began making at only eight years of age, and by twelve had sold her first wedding dress. Just wow!! Describing her work, she says,

“Colour and texture has always been its own language in my mind. Drape and movement speak to me; the dress just takes shape. Ideas lie in everything from a brick wall to a flower in my garden. Sometimes I will sketch it out, but usually I just pick up my scissors and go for it. My designs are always a juxtaposition of vintage with a modern edge. I love taking delicate fabrics and laces from old garments and pairing them with newer and bolder aspects to create something timeless, but exciting.”

This is a little shoot by Kel Ward to showcase one of Kate’s dresses, and the styling is perfection. I particularly love the model’s specs. Some brides feel under pressure, ridiculous societal pressure, to remove their glasses for the wedding, but here’s why you should rock them no matter what day it is!!




Freckled and Charred

Freckled & Charred

This is the perfect shoot to show you now that we’re in the last days of summer. It’s transitional in that it embraces autumnal colours of dark, dark almost black purple, sienna, and berry, and yet has one foot still in the season before with the see-through dresses, the sunkissed, freckly skin of the model, the hazy sunshine. There is even something beautifully Summerisle about it all…

Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred Freckled & Charred


Colourful and Fun Maltese Wedding With a 1950s Edge

When wedding planners wed, you’re going to see some serious style, and this is certainly true of the lovely Lisa and Sam of Carmela Weddings! They had a summery wedding in Malta (one of my favourite places on the planet!!), with tons of colour and cute 1950s details. Lisa tells me it was a three-day event, with people coming out the night before and a beach day the day after the wedding. It looks like it was major fun!!
DSC_4952 _DSC5932 _DSC5934 DSC_4927


A Love Adventure Wedding in Iceland

iceland same sex wedding photography

Scott and Angus’s wedding was  a three-day surprise adventure with their guests. “We both had never been to Iceland before, and the majority of our guests hadn’t, either. We didn’t tell the guests anything – only time and location of where to meet in Iceland, and where we’d drop them off at the end of day three. Everything else was kept secret…”

This wedding is just amazing!! Incredibly ambitious what with its top secret itinerary, overseas destination, and a LOT of DIY – that’s a lot of moving parts, as they say. But it was pulled off with absolute brilliance, and just looks like the most fun ever!! Even the place where the ceremony was held is spectacular…

“We did the ceremony outside on a black beach next to an old US military plane wreck which is private farmers’ land. We loved this idea as we had seen the amazing backdrop photos online, and loved how original it was.”

WOW for ever!!

iceland same sex wedding photography

iceland same sex wedding photography

iceland same sex wedding photography iceland same sex wedding photography iceland same sex wedding photography