Faded Mansion Styled Shoot With Gina McAdam Bridal Millinery

British Hat Shoot - Velvet Storm Photography 101

And now for something a little different…

Step into a lost English summer spent playing dress-up and cavorting through the rooms of a deserted mansion. Imagine you’re the kooky heroine of nineteenth or twentieth century literature, and your abandoned home is decaying around you while you’ve never looked more beautiful.

This is the setting for one of the best styled shoots I’ve seen. The context isn’t wedding, even if the accessories are, and it allows you to see them clearly just as they are, removing someone else’s bridal vision (which can sometimes cloud things if their style isn’t yours) and adding in its place the spirit of freedom and of uninhibited glamour with the memory of long, hot days spent having adventures. I really love it.

British Hat Shoot - Velvet Storm Photography 125

British Hat Shoot - Velvet Storm Photography 229

British Hat Shoot - Velvet Storm Photography 230


Beautiful Handfasting Wedding in the Woods


Miyako and Brian married in the woodland area of Ron’s Pond in Oregon, decorating the wilderness with balloons, lightbulbs festooning the trees, and paper lanterns. It looks just magical. And there were beautiful rainbow colours in the various bottles and vases on the tables, not to mention the pom pom-edged tablecloths! The details in this wedding are beautiful, and, more importantly, meaningful to the couple. This wedding is serene and full of love.


De_Wolf_Wedding-28 De_Wolf_Wedding-44 De_Wolf_Wedding-46


Indiebride from Minna Bridal – affordable dresses all under £650!

I showed you the beautiful Minna dresses back in February, and now that summer is around the corner, I wanted to show you its sister company, Indiebride, with its gorgeous selection of short bridal dresses, separate tops and floaty skirts, all retailing between £190 and £650. Which is a total bargain for bridal.
This range is aimed at the bride-to-be with a budget, and one who doesn’t want to look overly bridal, but instead to buy an outfit that they can wear again. It’s also great for those who find wedding dresses faffy, and Indiebride says, “made from the same high quality fabrics (as Minna) and manufactured in London, this range is designed so that brides can confidently buy the range online without complicated fittings.” Indiebride has a much more laid back and breezy feel.
Part of the Indiebride range is also the Limited Edition Bridal collection, made from end of the roll/discontinued high quality fabrics. There’s only a limited number of dresses available in this collection because of the limited fabric stock available, so this will give you more uniqueness than a high street option. And they also have some gorgeous evening dresses made from luxurious silk, printed and sustainable fabrics. Another option right there to be non-bridal!

A Sailor’s Love Styled Shoot


This shoot has a nautical heart, but not in the usual stripy white and blue. No, this one is way more chic and elevates that theme with golds, magentas, teals, oranges, you name it. And then there’s the hot pink rose-patterned leggings worn by the bride with pink Converse sneakers – pure alternative Heaven! I’m also taken with the polka dot tights (’80s heart eyes!!), and the headpiece with the very Marie Antoinette ship placed just so.

So, if you like your nautical’s game raised, this is the inspiration shoot for you. And be sure to watch the stunning video – a soundtrack that includes the Pixies = YESSSS!!

julie_siddi_photographe_frenchmade-25 julie_siddi_photographe_frenchmade-20 julie_siddi_photographe_frenchmade-43 julie_siddi_photographe_frenchmade-31


An Eclectic Pastel Styled Shoot with a 1950s Vibe


It was Suzie from Kushi Cars who submitted this dream of a styled shoot to me, stating “I think the colours would look exceptionally good on your site.” Yes! Yes, they do!! And that’s because they’re beautiful and would look exceptional anywhere! The pastel palette is so happy and uplifting, and because of other strong details like the opulent interior of the wedding car with its Indian décor, plus my favourite of a leopard print coat, the result is edgy rather than twee. And the fact the bride model is a burlesque dancer, with her raven hair with the blonde streak and her red lipstick, well it’s all just a gorgeous rainbow of wedding loveliness. A Fifties shoot in terms of cake stands and ice-cream colours, and contemporary with its origami animal heads and pinwheels plus flamingo ornaments. I think you’ll love this as much as I do!