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Photography by Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios

Photography by Ashley Vaughn of White Rabbit Studios

Once the excitement of styling the wedding day has passed, and you settle into happily married life, there is still stuff to look forward to in terms of creativity. We have the anniversaries! I call it (jokingly) the incentivised stepped increase program. You begin with paper on anniversary one, passing through cotton and leather as the years go by, with eyes firmly on the rubies, gold and diamonds as you stick with it all. Just kidding! It’s a lovely list of gifts for your other half and speaks of a love growing stronger and more valuable as the time goes on. I look forward to it every year as I get a chance to do something clever with whatever item is up that anniversary.

For paper, I made my husband one of those photo books filled with images of him and his band at their gigs around London. He loved it so much. He bought me lots of paper from the art shop (plus a cheeky off-list easel, the generous soul!) beacause I’m an artist. Mummy memory strikes again as I try to recall what we did for cotton. For leather, I got him an engraved leather guitar strap from Seattle Leather on Etsy. We show appreciation for each other’s personality through these gifts rather than see them as things in their own right: it’s just how it should be.

I thought I’d do a regular post on this with inspiration and ideas of things to do, buy or make within the theme set by the yearly anniversary tradition. Watch out for paper up first in the next week!

Photography by White Rabbit Studios