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When we lived in Kettering for a bit, the best thing to arrive on the scene was a little shop called Lollyrocket. It was like stepping into the past in the best, best way. It was the antidote to all the usual high street shops, and a vintage/retro lover’s call home. There’s even going to be a vintage tea shop, opening at some point in June this year, which I am gutted to have missed!! Next time we visit, it’s my first destination. Save me a piece of cake, ladies.

The reason I’m banging on about it here on my wedding blog is that the potential for gifts that laugh in the face of the traditional gift list, in a really very cool way that won’t pee off the bride and groom who were after their ceramic ovenware, is large and looming.

Here are some things that I would try to buy for the bride and groom but then probably try to keep for myself and then be forced to revert to plan and gift to the happy couple while at the same time vowing to go back and get one of my own (we’ve all been there):

Retro alarm clocks
Something stylish that they can’t hate for waking them at silly hour for smelly old work


Custom wedding prints
At once something beautiful for the wife to look at and be transported into a wistful and happy daydream, and something to ensure the husband doesn’t forget the anniversary. Clever.


Glass bowls
For all the yummy food they’ll be cooking together as they nest.

Glass bowls Lollyrocket

A beautiful way of keeping business cards from all the fancy restaurants they’ll take each other to; a sort of memory jar.


Greengate egg cup, spoon and plate
Breakfast in bed, dear heart?

Lollyrocket Greengate eggcup spoon plate

‘Home Sweet Home’ cushion
Newlyweds will spend loads of time at home, so it needs to look comforting and special.

Lollyrocket Home Sweet Home cushion

‘Tache coasters
For the quirky abode.

Lollyrocket tache coasters

As well as all these cute gifts that you could buy for the love birds, there are props for the wedding day itself:

Lollyrocket wedding things

If you’re not local to Kettering, you can enquire about having items sent to you in the mail on the shop’s Facebook page. If you are a local, why not pop down on June 1st when Finders Keepers opens? That’s the whole floor dedicated to local sellers of vintage, retro, handmade, art, and photography. Be a unique wedding guest with a unique present that tells the bride and groom what a stand-out couple you think they make.

All photographs by Michelle and Hayleigh at Lollyrocket.