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Friday, you old devil, back again! The sun’s out here, and I definitely have that weekend buzz. Here are the best bits from my web travels this week:

The Weddings

Photography by Staysi Lee

Photography by Staysi Lee

Photography by Sara Melotti

Photography by Sara Melotti


Photography by Sara Melotti

Photography by Gaby Jeter

Photography by Gaby Jeter


Photography by Gaby Jeter


Photography by Gaby Jeter

All these beautiful dresses are from Staysi Lee’s Etsy boutique Loca Loves Pirate (I love that name! Really want to know where the name comes from!). Her shop specialises in vintage wedding dresses and accessories. I love looking at the fantastic photography of the vintage pieces. I could look all day long. There should be a coffee table book of these.

I know lots of my readers love their retro and vintage style, well check this site out: Shabby Apple. It’s so cool! There’s a section called Something Old, Something New for brides.

I contribute to a brilliant website called Nerd Like You. When I found When Geeks Wed, I emailed my friend Susie (the editor) immediately. It’s fantastic! She has a feature lined up (written by yours truly) where we show you how to style a nerdy wedding along a particular theme. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

A wedding blog in French is a very beautiful and stylish thing.

Beautiful beach wedding inspiration from Want That Wedding. Like a daydream.

Stunning engagement shoot at the Florida State Fair on Style Me Pretty. Real bobby dazzler of a ring, too! Wow!

Your Cloud Parade: a must for all brides planning their day.

The Business

Oh, to work for Richard Branson! Even though I don’t, I can still get with his advice.

For anyone writing a blog, this is a must-read if you want to get top-notch quality posts out there. I used to work in publishing (books, magazines, websites, educational materials), and I know the importance of editorial systems. There’s no reason in the world why you shouldn’t follow these with your self-publishing: people still read your copy, admire your images, and want quality from their reading.

I was loving following Brighton Fashion Week this year via the official website. There are some great articles on there, but I really connected with this one. People are so quick to condemn and banish (sometimes for show) that they don’t stop to understand or forgive. Sometimes people make mistakes. Often times there are reasons for this. Can’t we just show some compassion and try to see what has gone wrong in order to help rather than try, judge and execute in one fell swoop something that might not be all it seems?

The Reads

Wallpaper book

Make up and wallpaper books

You know those bookshops like The Works? Where you go in ‘for a browse’ then leave with many bargains in bulging bags? That’s what’s been happening to me in a new wholesale bookshop in our town. I’ve got two books about wallpaper now (so good for design inspiration), and one about artistic make-up. They are just wonderful to leaf through, idly, gaining ideas for paintings or general design for things.

Things and Ink

I’ve just subscribed to Things and Ink magazine! I don’t think my mum would allow me to get a tattoo, and even though I’m in my 30s, I respect that and obey her. I do like looking at them, though, and have had the odd fake one or blue henna one (I forget the proper name of that stuff) when I’m in Brighton. Why always in Brighton, I don’t know! Anyway, this magazine is such a find, and it feeds my interest without my having to disappoint my lovely mum.

The Typefaces

I’m on the verge of buying iFontMaker: an app for the iPad that lets you create your own typeface. How cool is that?! If you’re a typeface geek like me, that is properly cool. I used to go to the library in my lunch hour to look at the typography books, photocopying the odd page to take home with me for further perusal over the day. Love it. My good friend Jen and I are in the midst of creating a website all about babies’ and kids’ style, décor, interior design, and whatnot, and the biggest headache so far for we two non-designers has been getting a logo together. We’ve gone with a different option to creating our own for now, but the seed has been sewn in my mind of being able to make the whole alphabet my own in a small way. Read this article about the ‘Before Breakfast’ typeface that Simon Stratford created using iFontMaker. This is what makes me think I am definitely, definitely, almost maybe going to buy this.

A typeface made out of concrete. Just wow.

Honestly, I could look at typefaces all day. Here’s Creative Bloq’s 105 best free ones for designers. Heaven!

The Instagrams

Charity shop treasures

Charity shop treasures

Great charity shop finds from All That Dreams Glitters!

Wisdom while you sit

Wisdom while you sit

I love these little quotations! On Rockalily’s Instagram feed.

Binky Nixon Pilgrims

How cheery is this! Little flowers in random welly boots (maybe from the lost and found department) on binkynixon’s Instagram feed.



Beautiful, simple cherries. This should be on a greeting card, hollybobbins23.

Also, check out One Fine Day’s Instagram feed. I’ve got a nice post coming up on them soon!

Photography Credits: Staysi Lee; Sara Melotti, Gaby Jeter