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Beautiful editorial photography? Love. Vintage-inspired, offbeat wedding dresses? Really love. When the hugely gifted Angela Marklew (whose gorgeous images I showed you the other week) told me about another shoot she’d done for designer Nataya, where these two loves of mine meet, I jumped at the chance to feature the pictures.

Inga Nataya is a designer, originally from Uzbekistan and now living in California. That’s going to be some fusion of influences, and my interest was piqued from the get-go. Her bio lists her inspirations as La Belle Époque, Baroque, and the Orient, and says that her dresses have been seen on actresses like Anne Hathaway and Katie Holmes, among others, and have been featured in publications such as Harper’s, Lucky, Glamour, Nylon, Apparel News, and Flaunt, as well as a number of music videos and films! And she is also an artist. Wow. Talented is an understatement. This I had to show you!

I love the Victorian inspiration. The delicate laces and ruffles against the almost shabby drapes of the backdrop fabrics and the blush-coloured luxury of that chair give a dreamlike quality to the images. The whole look of this shoot is genius; the way Angela has styled and contextualised it all is perfect. The meeting of the three themes of delicate, shabby and exquisite luxury make the dresses so desirable. I just want to lounge around in the gowns for an hour or two looking amazing!


I think you should definitely head over to Nataya’s Bride in Vintage website, where you can see her full range of dresses: they are stunning. The designs are ethereally beautiful, and you just couldn’t fail to feel a little bit special in them. Like a movie star in your own private period drama. I even love Nataya’s poetic descriptions:

In blissful Sunday morning peaceful ambience may your body be carried to regal walks along with angels, hummingbirds and aroma of rose petals in this morning gown. Head to toe original embroidery, edged with satin crochet lace at the sleeve and generous a chiffon train starting at the sides and falling to the floor at the back.

Talented lady.

Roll Credits
Dresses by Nataya
Photography by Angela Marklew
Hair/Makeup by Teal Druda
Model: Bekka Gunther

This shoot first appeared on Beyond Beyond in 2012.