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Photography Credit: Rich Paprocki Photography -

The Diana veil by Rice Rafferty on Etsy. Image by Rich Paprocki Photography –

Not so long ago, I showed you a beautiful Etsy treasury about birdcage veils.

Etsy Treasury 3 The Bird Cage

I’d never really thought about them before until my lovely friend Susie emailed me about them. Now, I’m a bit hooked. Elegant, vintage, super sweet, and easy to make yourself, should the mood take you, they’re one of the more versatile and re-wearable veils around.

Popularised during the post-war years of the 1940s, these little veils hint at an age of austerity where everything was pared back, respectfully. The modern bride can reference this bygone era with one of these veils accompanying either a modern gown or an all-out vintage style frock. Really, really adaptable is this style.


Birdcage veil by Pomp and Plumage on Etsy. Image by Meg Ruth


As above

Ivory birdcage veil by Amanda Archer on Etsy. Image by Sean Dorgan

all about romance birdcage veil 2

Birdcage veil with flowers from Etsy shop All About Romance. Image by Kelly Munce

all about romance birdcage veil 1

As above

Roll Credits:

Photography:  Sean Dorgan; Kelly Munce; Rich Paprocki; Meg Ruth
Etsy vendors: All About Romance; Amanda Archer; Pomp and Plumage; Rice Rafferty