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We’re off to Australia, Brisbane to be precise, for this post to visit the lovely ladies of One Fine Day: the event styling company that will make your wedding look exquisite. Again, it was Instagram that brought Rhiannon and Simone into my eagle-eyed view (eagle-eyed for stunning imagery and gorgeous colours).

Check out the pictures of the mother and daughter Parisian high tea they styled: it’s like Marie Antoinette went to Wonderland with its little keys and sumptuous and luxurious pink cakes. I could completely imagine this style befitting a spring or summer garden wedding. Get ready to be inspired!


I wondered how the girls go about the business of event styling, so I chatted to them and asked a few questions:

WOW: Do you pitch ideas to the couple or the other way around?
Simone and Rhiannon: This is a really good question! We are a bespoke wedding and event planning and styling company, offering packages ranging from a little to a lot. This means couples can come to us with many ideas, none at all, or with the whole event planned. We loooooove pitching ideas, however, we equally delight in making a client’s vision come true! We usually chat over coffee, initially, get to know them, their style, the ‘feel’ they want for their memorable day, and take it from there. Our couples always have the final decision. At the end of the day, it’s a collaborative team effort!


WOW: It must be great fun hammering out the styling of the day with the couples. Is it challenging to style days that don’t personally appeal to your own sense of style?
Simone and Rhiannon:
No, definitely not! We can see the beauty in almost everything. It’s a painful addiction, actually – you should see our wardrobes! This is the best industry for us to be in because we’re able to experience a range of individual styles. We pride ourselves in not being ‘cookie cutter wedding stylists’, and promise to bring uniqueness to every event we have the pleasure of being involved with.


WOW: It sounds so inspiring for creatives – this must be your dream job! How did you get into event styling?
Simone and Rhiannon:
We ‘fell’ into it, I suppose! It started a long time ago with friends asking us to make their invitations, take them shopping and style their outfits, creating art work for their homes, planning birthdays, styling fundraisers, and hosting and catering high teas. We both styled our own weddings, and enjoy dreaming of those little details that make an event stand out from the crowd. We felt there was a gap in the local industry for truly bespoke event styling, and so voila… ONE FINE DAY was born!


WOW: That is one ‘meant to be’ career there! I love it. Whose work do you admire?
Simone and Rhiannon:
Oh gosh, where do we start? We draw a lot of inspiration from the fashion industry. Valentino would have to be my favourite (Rhiannon) – the creations are pieces of timeless art, investments, really. I’m a huge fan of Elie Saab (Simone) – feminine, romantic, with intricate detailing… what more could you want? We both love the work of Feather and Stone Photography. They capture emotion and true beauty in every image. How do they do that? When it comes to event styling, we think The Style Co. and The Lane tick all the boxes: unique, on trend yet lasting, and always pushing the boundaries.


WOW: What words or inspirational phrases do you live by?
Simone and Rhiannon:
Dreams are the language of creation (Bernie Siegel).


WOW: I love that phrase, and it’s so true! If you could style anyone’s big day, who would that be? Past or present.
Simone and Rhiannon:
That’s easy… Grace Kelly!

The Wedding Dress from Rizzoli Books. Image from

The Wedding Dress from Rizzoli Books. Image from

WOW: Classic beauty! What books/magazines/websites/art do you like?
Simone and Rhiannon:
It might be a shorter list of ones we don’t… ha ha!


WOW: Same!! What would your own big day look like? Or what did it look like if you’re already married?
Simone and Rhiannon:
Done and done, actually…
Simone: The setting – a picture-perfect white chapel, surrounded by spring blooms in my hometown of Toowoomba, followed by a garden party in the landscaped grounds of my family home and an evening of dinner and dancing at Preston Manor. The styling – a romantic, intimate, country affair with beautiful pastel flowers and vintage details. The attire – I wore a Parisian lace, one-shoulder gown and vintage beaded belt by Johanna Johnson, with a delicate birdcage veil from Twigs and Honey. The bridesmaids wore soft cream dresses (Zimmermann and Therese Rawsthorne), adorned with vintage brooches.
Rhiannon: Formal – black-tie and tails! Classic black and white – picture St Johns Anglican Cathedral with bells and all, Customs House in the picturesque long room with the gorgeous dome ceiling and star light pendant. Paul Hunt Couture gown in vintage pink with French lace and detailing inspired by the one and only Valentino! The bridesmaids wore designer lace dresses and walked the aisle with vintage lace fans wired open with white blooms.


WOW: That all sounds completely amazing. I can picture them both, and wow! So, are you able to switch off at the end of the day, or are you constantly buzzing with ideas?
Simone and Rhiannon:
Another great question! We are never switched off. Our friends and families often comment that we’re ‘on’ 24/7. Even if it’s just snapping an image of a little lane-way, or a weathered chair that still remains beautiful despite the lack of tender loving care. How is anyone not constantly inspired by the world of colour, texture and the visual appeal that surrounds us every day? If only we could remember dreams…


WOW: I am 100% with you on that one. This world is full of inspiration, and it’s just everywhere. I don’t know how anyone couldn’t be taken with everything they see! Thank you both so, so much for such a great interview!


You can find One Fine Day at the following: website, Instagram