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When Claire from Rosey Posey Creations emailed me about featuring her work and a photoshoot called Dolly Goes to the Seaside (a collaboration created by Nicki Feltham and Ooh! Mrs James), it took me all of two seconds to say yes, yes, yes after looking at the first picture! A no-brainer, as it were.

The story behind how the shoot came about and what influences were driving its inception is brilliant! Mentions of Tim Burton, living dolls, and Tim Walker show you what you’re in for. As for the story of the actual shoot, it’s a gorgeous little fairytale about dainty dolls and sailor boys. Read before you view the pictures: you’ll love it.



Claire kindly shared her own story about the business, her inspiration and motivation with me, which you can read dotted about the photography. Enjoy!


WOW: What made you get into designing wedding accessories?
RPC: We just fell into it, really! When my mum and I started making headbands, we just thought we would just sell them to our family and friends, but when we started taking them to craft fayres and word got around, we had a lot of comments that they would be ideal for brides, their bridesmaids and flower girls. We then got asked to make some floral bridal crowns for a wedding photoshoot by wedding blogger, Ooh! Mrs James, last month and since then have never looked back. Since the photos have been released, we’ve had purchases from three brides-to-be for their wedding day, one for a lady’s engagement shoot, and a pre-order for two wedding days next summer, which is amazing! I absolutely love the thought of a bride wearing something I’ve made on the biggest day of her life!


WOW: That must feel amazing, actually, that someone’s wearing your creation on their special day. What’s your tip for choosing accessories to accompany a dress?
RPC: I think it depends very much on your personality. Someone who’s a lot bolder in their clothes style might want to go big on a floral crown, or if you prefer a more simple choice, you might want to wear a smaller, more delicate design, perhaps a daisy chain headband. I think you have to go for something that complements your personality and style and that looks perfect with the dress and bouquet.



WOW: It’s advice I hear time and again from the professionals: stay true to yourself on your wedding day. It’s more important than ever on that day to look and feel like yourself. When I was trying on dresses, I tried one that was very red carpet/Oscars, and it just couldn’t be further from who I am. The one I chose, my mum describes as being like the fairy on the top of the tree: that is 100% who I am!! And I felt like a super version of me on my big day rather than an impostor, fading behind a dress. Result! So, what inspires your designs?
RCP: Flowers! I always love having a beautiful bunch of flowers in my living room when designing and making my creations. They make me happy and really inspire me. I also love vintage fashion from days gone by, so I enjoy shopping around Brick Lane and Spitalfields Market, and seeing what people used to wear, then taking that inspiration and putting it into my designs.




WOW: I miss London and its markets so much. I’d love to pootle around that end of town again! Although, I did spend a fortune there… If you could adorn anyone for their big day, who would that be?

RPC: I would have to say Audrey Hepburn. She was such an effortlessly stylish, beautiful, classy woman. I think she would wear something quite simple, and I would make her a delicate little headband to wear in an up-do and a small matching bouquet.



WOW: I love Audrey Hepburn. One of my best ever charity shop finds was a huge coffee table book of pictures of her for a fiver. I love that book. Do you design other things apart from bridal wear?

RPC: Yes, we started with designing everyday headwear for all occasions. We have headbands, hair combs, flower garlands and floral crowns, which are perfect for brightening up an outfit, or to wear to a wedding, or to another special occasion, to festivals, holidays, parties, or to give as presents. I love it when a customer comes to me asking for a bespoke creation. Recent orders have included embellishing a turban with sequins for a Great Gatsby inspired shoot, sewing a bunch of flowers on to a beret, and making flowery cat ears for two little girls.



WOW: Aww! I like the sound of the cat ears! Whose work do you admire?
RPC: To be honest, I’m still quite new to the wedding world and not very well up on all the designers out there. I’ve always loved going to vintage wedding fayres, anyway, and I always stop to look in wedding dress shop windows, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you who the designer is! One stick out moment for me is in the Sex and the City movie when Carrie does a wedding photoshoot for Vogue and keeps changing into these magnificent dresses and big elaborate headpieces. My favourite dress she wears (SPOILER) for her ill-fated wedding to Mr Big is by Vivienne Westwood. I love it!

WOW: I completely love that dress. I’d wear that every day! What words or inspirational phrases do you live by?
RPC: My inspirational phrases come from our customers! Whenever they tell me how much they love their creation, or tell me the compliments they’ve received, or leave a lovely comment on our website, that gives me my inspiration, definitely.


WOW: That is so lovely! On your own wedding day, what will your accessories look like?
RPC: On my wedding day, I would love to wear a big, brightly coloured, flowery crown with my hair down and  lightly curled at the ends. I may only be five feet tall, but I won’t shy away from boldness! I’d make it mostly lilac, but with other bursts of pastel colours, with a matching bouquet. My bridesmaids would have a similar version, but with smaller flowers. There’ll be a bit of Rosey Posey Creations everywhere! Down to the gents’ buttonholes and even the chair covers and table decorations. Then I’d make a different Rosey Posey to wear every day of my honeymoon!


WOW: That’d be so cool to have something Rosey Posey every day of your honeymoon. I love that idea! What do you read in terms of magazines or books, or look at in the visual world, to give you inspiration?
RPC: Since I’ve been thrust into the wedding world, you’ll often find me browsing a wedding blog (such as yours truly, Erin!). They’re a fantastic way to see what’s ‘in’ at the moment and what brides are loving. I also like flicking through wedding magazines, and I’ve just joined Pinterest, which is amazing!



WOW: I love the floral crowns, I love the photoshoot, and I love your answers! Thank you ever so much for being on my blog!
RPC: Thank you for featuring us! I’ve really enjoyed answering your questions! Could I just give a shout out to the fabulous Ooh! Mrs JamesNicki Feltham Photography, Laura Mott Photography, Chatter Cakes, Bonnie Boo ButtonsNaita Channer make-up artist, and the models (Jackie, Lila, Naita, Helina,Tarek and Andy) for the amazing photographs that we’ve used on this feature.


You can visit Rosey Posey Creations at: websiteFacebookTwitterPinterest

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Roll Credits
Photography: Nicki Feltham
Models: Jackie, Lila, Naita, Helina, Tarek, Andy
Make-up: Naita Channer
Creative direction: Ooh! Mrs James and Nicki Feltham
Accessories and props: Chatter CakesBonnie Boo Buttons; Rosey Posey Creations