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All photography by Becky Nerpel at Studio 623 Photography

All photography by Becky Nerpel at Studio 623 Photography

I know this is a wedding from a wee while back (two years ago yesterday!), but I found it when I was looking for wedding dresses of different colours to white, and I absolutely had to show you because not only is it an unusual colour, but it’s a colour that you wouldn’t expect would even work at a wedding, and also the bride made it herself. Er, wow!!

SS wedding 5 gray-tulle-wedding-dress-34 SS wedding 1

Suzannah Stanley, the gifted lady behind the idea and making of this beauty of a dress, blogged the entire construction process on her brilliant website, Adventures in Dressmaking. I loved reading this series of posts because as a bride, I recognise the initial inspirations and ideas, but then watch in a little bit of awe as Suzannah breaks away from ‘everyday bride’ into ‘proactively talented dressmaking bride’, and starts building her perfect dress from scratch, rather than relying on the offchance that its existence lies in one of ten wedding dress shops.

It means I get to collect pictures of fave dresses and put them together to make my ideal dress!  If I can focus and pick my absolute favourite elements… So many pretty things! It is hard to pick and choose what my favourite elements are, but I have a draft design going. I am going to start on it this weekend with my mom. So excited to see it start coming together!

I could never in my life do something this amazing! I can’t even customise a t-shirt (I ended up customising one until it was just a scrap with a logo on it – fashion forward? Avant garde? No. Mental.).

SS wedding 2 SS wedding 7 SS wedding 9

If you think this is impressive on its own, add to it, then, that Suzannah made all of her bridesmaids’ dresses, too. All five of them. And her birdcage veil. Give the woman a champagne, please. I am so impressed by this.

SS wedding 6 SS wedding 8

SS wedding 3 SS wedding 4

Photography by Becky Nerpel at Studio 623 Photography