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I love the fact that the One Love Wedding Show launched on the same day that the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act 2013 was passed and became the law. Boom! Double whammy. Next summer, when all the necessaries and practicalities for same-sex ceremonies will be dotted and crossed, is not far away, not in wedding planning terms, anyway, so the show is set for the timely weekend of this Saturday October 19th, for the celebratory VIP preview party and art exhibition, and Sunday October 20th for the main shebang with fashion show and live entertainment alongside the 70+ exhibitors. Plenty of time in advance for discerning brides and grooms to plan the beautiful summer wedding of their dreams.

Held at The Hospital Club, the prestigious private members’ club in London’s Covent Garden, the show brings together unique, stylish and cutting-edge wedding suppliers, all of whom are dedicated to helping you style a design-led and super chic day. And, importantly:

At One Love, you will find only friendly and welcoming wedding suppliers, joined with us in support of marriage equality.

In other words, no dinosaurs shocked or confused by the idea that a man can marry a man and a woman can wed a woman.

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You can tell that this will be a show that knows its what’s what because of who the founders are: there’s Sara Smyth of ruby+diva (the beautiful wedding boutique and directory that sources unique and creative services and products from around the world to ensure that, “bad weddings do not happen to good people”), and there’s Becky Hoh-Hale of the awesome A Most Curious Wedding Fair (where couples can find cool and out of the ordinary services and products for their day) and A Most Curious Party (the vintage prop hire company Becky set up when she found she couldn’t stop buying vintage bits and bobs even after her wedding day, and where the aim is to, “party like it’s 1949…”). These two have it in their blood to make sure your day is one that makes you happy, that it is going to represent you, and that it isn’t going to be a carbon-copy, big yawn, non-event.


How did One Love Wedding Show come about?

Sara Smyth was exhibiting with ruby+diva at a wedding show in February 2012, where she met a lesbian couple also exhibiting who were in a civil partnership. She got chatting about the issues facing gay couples planning a wedding, and it occurred to her that the gay market was seriously under-represented in the wedding industry, and that this would not do! She incorporated the Gay Wedding Collective, a group of businesses with something unique to offer gay weddings, into the ruby+diva website, and then in March this year, she asked Becky to help plan a super-cool gay wedding event.

Becky jumped at the chance:

Whilst we don’t want to give the impression that we think gay couples must have their own separate event, we do understand that planning a gay wedding is a new and very special and unique experience. It may feel like coming out all over again for some people, and the planning stages may feel quite daunting, stepping into a world that has been seen as the domain of straight people for so long.

She had heard of friends often facing “so where’s the groom today?” type questions at wedding fairs – awkward! On a more ridiculous note, she even knew of tales where people no longer received email replies from suppliers when they mentioned it was a gay wedding, which just seems archaic, so together Sara and Becky badly wanted to create a show where the couples who came would have no doubt that every single exhibitor would be in full support of same sex marriage and could completely eliminate this chance of a negative experience ever happening. With One Love, they’re saying that ‘love’ in all in shapes, forms and combinations is the same – and that’s something to celebrate.


How will it be different to other wedding shows?

This is the first gay wedding event that has hand picked and curated exhibitors selected for their eye on fashion, trend and design and general aesthetical wonderfulness!

We want there to be a large proportion of suppliers who offer a specific service or product for same-sex couples, but the most important aspects of the One Love Wedding Show are the open and welcoming attitude to gay couples alongside a product that is unique, beautiful, expressive and cool!


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Roll Credits
Photography – Robbins Photographic
Poster – Folk & Form
One Love Shoot Stylist – Rebecca Hoh-Hale
Floristry – Dora Kovacs Event and Floral Design
Tailored suits – Corrie Nielsen
Girls’ gown and veil – Michelle Claire Vintage
Cloud headpiece – LaBo by Mimi
Grooms’ style consultant – Sammy Aki
Commissioned pieces from Richard Anderson, Anderson and Sheppard, Peckham Rye and Marwood