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This has to be one of the most colourful weddings I’ve seen so far. And I utterly adore it. Everyone is clearly having such an immense time, adding to all that colour, and I realised I was just grinning widely the whole way through choosing the pictures by the brilliant Nicki Feltham. You are going to love this…

Charley and Graham wed on August 17th, 2013 at St Mary Magdalene Church in South Bersted, Bognor Regis, followed by the reception at Chichester Watersports Centre for the party. For two outdoorsy types, this was the only place to party.



The proposal

It all began when Graham proposed whist they were on a ski holiday with friends in Alpe d’Huez…

We were at the top of the Sarenne, which is the longest black run in Europe, and I had just fallen in a big pile of snow!




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The planning and the lead-up to the day

Charley, the bride, explained that they didn’t start out with a set look, as such, but just wanted colour and lots of it, but adds that it was quite 1950s by the time they’d finished. The couple got all the big bookings out of the way a year before the wedding, so that they knew the venues and the church well.

This meant we had a really good idea of the spaces, and what would work where, and also any little problem areas that needed sorting could be done so well in time for the big day.

They tried to avoid anything too formal because they’d been going out for 11 years before getting married, so wanted it to feel more like a party.





The DIY and thrifty bits

Lots of DIY in this gorgeous wedding:

Almost everything was homemade. We went for cupcakes as a theme, both edible and knitted as favours. We used a lot of jam jars, which friends had collected for us, and that I got from Freecycle. It was so nice to pass these on to three other brides after the wedding. Also, we made all the the invitations and order of services ourselves using a stamp from Stamps Direct.





The photographer

About three years ago, I saw Nicki’s photos on a colleague’s Facebook page when she got married. I totally fell in love with them. When Graham proposed, I knew exactly who I wanted as a photographer, and Graham didn’t need any persuading! We never looked anywhere else. Thank goodness Nicki was available!




Who wore what?

I work in the wardrobe department for a large regional theatre, so the natural course was for me to make my own dress (although I had never made a dress before…). It was a knee-length halter neck dress in ivory silk, with an ivory jacket that had the collar up. I took inspiration from a range of places for the design, and then a good friend drew up the pattern for me. My bridesmaid Sarah, who is an amazingly talented dress maker, also made her own dress. The two flower girl dresses were from John Lewis, and their cardigans were knitted by my mother. Graham’s Suit was a Skopes suit from House of Fraser. The groom, best men and ushers all wore different coloured Converse trainers with matching ties to link in the bright colour scheme with their outfits.



The disasters and the solutions!

Disaster struck when the family chocolate labrador ate all the icing flowers, which were about to be put on the cupcakes. at about 9 pm the night before the wedding. About 80. No biggie… Luckily, Charley’s amazing, amazing friend remade the lot that night. Now that is a great friend!!


The advice for brides- and grooms-to-be

It always sounds cheesy, and a lot of people said it to us, but enjoy it. Enjoy the wedding preparation, and most importantly the day. I always got a bit annoyed when people said it to me because I thought, ‘why wouldn’t I enjoy it?’ but it’s so easy to get caught up in the tiny little issues, and then suddenly it’s all over.





Roll Credits

Photography: Nicki Feltham Photography

Venues: St Mary Magdalene church; Chichester Watersports Centre

Outfits: bride and bridesmaid wore handmade gowns; groom’s suit from Skopes at House of Fraser; trainers from Converse; flower girls wore John Lewis dresses with handmade cardigans

Entertainments; The Deloreans

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