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When I wrote my post on Vintage Rocks Hair Parlour, it introduced me to some completely brilliant photographers, where their style is just so up my street that I had to ask to feature them and their work as a whole. First up is Brideen

On the website, it says:

I’m Brideen, and I shoot weddings with my bearded boy, Deci. We’re inspired by great music, great art and great people.

Top things to be inspired by, and shows a total, all-round, inbuilt creativity that’s not bound to just one thing. I knew I’d love their photography as a whole when I read that. You can’t be into music and art without that coming out in the visions you produce on film. And this creativity really does stick out when you see what Brideen and Deci capture. They grab this feeling of intimacy from the couples, willingly shared through total trust of who’s photographing them, and there it is staring at you from the pictures. You can’t learn that. That just is.




I asked them all about their business and what inspires them…


WOW: What’s your tip for getting great wedding pictures?
Brideen: Getting your photo taken isn’t as bad as you might think, and doesn’t always involve staring awkwardly into the camera. Lots of the photos will involve you looking at your lovely new husband/wife, so try to focus on each other rather than the camera.  I think one of the most important things is to trust your photographer, relax, and enjoy the little break with your other half on your wedding day.




WOW: How should people go about choosing a photographer?
Brideen: Decide if you like their photos! This may seem like an obvious answer, but make sure you like their style and processing. You might get recommendations from siblings or friends, but make sure you choose a photographer that suits you. Meet up or chat on the phone and see if you get along well. It’s important to feel comfortable with your photographer as you’ll probably be in contact with them more than any other supplier, from planning stages right through to your wedding day itself, along with the weeks and months after your wedding when you’re choosing your photos and album, etc. So, choose your photographer based on how you connect with them as a person as well as their talent and expertise.




WOW: What made you get into photography?
Brideen: Deci and I saved up and bought our first proper DSLR together! So after ‘sharing’ a camera for a while and taking photos as a hobby, we eventually started investing in equipment, education and photography workshops, and started getting more serious. We’ve a lot more than one camera between us now, and I think we make a great team!  I never had a career in mind; all the way through school and university, I had no idea. I knew I wanted to be my own boss and that’s about it! I started off doing weddings for friends as they liked my photos, and it took off from there.




WOW: What’s your favourite thing to shoot other than weddings?
Brideen: I go through phases of photographing the same thing. At the minute, my favourite thing to shoot is the patches of glimmering light around my house – the sun and trees outside create gorgeous patterns. I love photographing the changes the seasons bring. I love simple everyday things, and I always have a love for pink flowers and cloudy skies. Deci photographed bands before we started to do weddings, and he still loves to do that.




WOW: Are you able to leave your camera behind, or do you always want to capture images?
Brideen: I leave my DSLRs behind a lot in favour of my iPhone, Instax Mini or Fuji X100. I try to bring my camera with me wherever I go, but from photographing weddings all summer, it’s nice to get a break from it, too! I also feel bad subjecting my friends to being photographed all the time. I’m more creative over winter with personal projects, so I’ll be photographing much more now wedding season is quieter.



WOW: Whose work do you admire?
Brideen: Fer JuaristiSamm BlakeTec PetajaEmma Case.




WOW: What words or inspirational phrases do you live by?
Brideen: I’ve seen a few pop up on Pinterest and Instagram and saved them, and I also make a note of anything I read or hear from my parents and friends:

“Work hard and be nice to people”

“If you’re your authentic self, you have no competition.”

‘I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.’ – Marilyn Monroe



Wedding Photography Ireland and Destination

WOW: If you could photograph anyone, who would that be? Past or present.
Brideen: I’d love to photograph my parents and grandparents on their wedding days!




WOW: What books/magazines/websites/art/music inspire you?
Brideen: Books – Two authors I love are John O’Donohue and Susannah Conway. Some book designs, and even the paper books are printed on, inspire me! I’m a big fan of stationery and books in general. Magazines – The Simple Things, Kinfolk, and a gorgeous new Irish wedding magazine – BashWebsitesRock ‘n’ Roll BrideA Beautiful Mess, Elise Joy, Bleubird, Ruche, Cox & Cox, EtsyMusicThe National, Sigur Ros, Beirut, R.E.M. At the minute, I’m loving Haim. And I always love some Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, the occasional catchy pop song or ’80s pop or power ballad to get me through a day of editing.




You can go and visit Brideen at: website; Twitter; Facebook; Pinterest; Instagram.