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I read a brilliant post last week on one of my absolute favourite blogs, Bespoke Bride, about the rise of couples who feel their wedding will never match up to those they see on the blogs. How some photographers have been feeling they should shoot with one eye on their blog of choice rather than the couple’s style. And how saddening this all is. Too right.

After reading this, it sort of dawned on me that I’d been contributing to this grumbling feeling by only featuring a certain type of wedding, and saying no to photography of stunning weddings that I actually loved just because it wasn’t quirky enough. It never did sit right with me doing that. Not because there’s anything wrong with saying no, or saying no to things that don’t fit your blog or brand, that’s an absolute must, but because it was betraying my own personal tastes and styles and what I like, examples of which span far and wide across the wedding style spectrum. I wasn’t being fully true to myself, but rather focussing on just one type of wedding. There was a whole other look that I was neglecting, and the price to pay was the authenticity of me, my writing and my blog.

Well, I’m fixing this! Here comes a new section of my predominantly quirky and alternative site: the classic wedding. I’ll be showing you traditions and classic styles that are timeless and beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy much more of what this blogger loves! Yeah, that feels better. The whole shebang rather than one strata. Don’t worry (or desert me), the kooky and stylised will still be here, just it’ll have company now.


The silly thing is that before this I couldn’t even have featured my own wedding, which was a mix of traditional and handmade. But mostly traditional. Even though I love alternative styling, there isn’t a thing I’d change about my big day. When we renew our vows one day, I’ll be all over the alternative stuff like a bad suit. And lemme at it when it comes to the styled shoots I’m lining up for next year. I don’t think I’m one thing or the other, but a mix of it all.


Going back to what the girls at Bespoke Bride said to all you fabulous brides and grooms, I’d like to add that there’s no need to be so self-aware – your wedding day should be how it be, and if it appears on a blog that’s fabulous, but if not, also fabulous because you had the best day ever in and of itself, right?

Thanks, girls, for a kick-up-the-butt article that pushed my discomfort to the fore and made me see what I knew deep down I needed to do for my blog. Big love to yous!