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I’ve always loved the theatre. There’s something so fundamentally magical and enchanting about suspending your disbelief in order to be whisked into someone else’s imagination, vision, dream. The costumes, set, props and lighting were my focus and speciality when I did Theatre Studies at A Level. I died when having to act, preferring instead the hidden side of the design and artwork, particularly the costumes.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I saw these here masks by bespoke event stylists Curious Fair, captured in beautiful and colourful photography. I was struck by their drama, and was keen to know more. Here is a company with showmanship and a handmade ethic that made me think of those theatre design days.


The masks I’m showing you today put me in mind of loads of things I love, such as The Box of Delights, Goldfrapp, Narnia, costume wardrobes of big, well-stocked theatres, the V&A, the drama attic at my secondary school, and a dressing up box belonging to my friend way back when we were young. I make myself sound ancient there, but you get me…


A Bit About Curious Fair…



Curious Fair is the creation of Natalie and Guy, trained theatre designers who found a calling for event styling after being asked to create handmade decorations for a friend’s wedding. Crafting and design come together to create a bespoke service that ranges from handmade invitations all the way to styling an entire event. Everything from Curious Fair is hand crafted or hand picked, meaning the service truly is bespoke.

Natalie explained more to me about the arresting masks…

We’ve made masks and headdresses for a variety of different occasions, including: weddings; hen parties; theatre; masked balls; and festivals.

Inspired by theatre, fashion and magic, we create each mask by hand from a mixture of upcycled materials and specifically chosen trimmings. Each mask is very personal to its owner; we make sure that we know our clients’ style, and always try to incorporate a little bit of their personality into their mask or headdress in some way or another.



If you like what you see here (and honestly how could you not?), visit the website: it’s a little bit amazing!