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Happy new year! Now that 2014 has been well and truly welcomed in with the clinking of glasses, the bonging of bells, and the ‘oooh…ahhh’ drama of the fireworks, it’s time to look out across the next twelve months and consider what events you’d like written across its as yet unmarked pages. Here, in no particular order, are just a few of my dreams and goals I aim to realise this coming year…

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More effective administration and editorial planning
Crumbs, what a dull start to the post this seems. But actually I’m enthused by this one because by devising more of a system, not least an editorial calendar, it’ll make writing the posts much more straightforward. There’s quite a lot of stress involved if you can’t keep on top of all the things involved in a post: copyright permission for images, copy from the people you’re featuring, reminders to yourself to personalise the social media alerts generated on publishing the post, etc. When it’s all in your head or on different bits of paper, it’s too much to remember. Also, having this as a goal has meant I could buy loads of lovely stuff for my pink Filofax, such as dividers, sticky-notes, and plastic pockets! A stationery lover’s field day! It’ll all mean I can keep on top of things much more easily, in the one place, and I’ll have much fun sticking little stickers to pages and stuff.

Image by Kristine Zakalovska of Dress. Dance. Sing. Love. Live. Store

Photo shoot
I have got to do a photo shoot this year or I’ll burst. I’ve seen so many heart-stopping styled shoots arrive in my inbox in 2013 that I’m having some of that! I’m brainstorming at the moment with a couple of fabulous vendors I’ve featured on here, planning our collaborations on Pinterest. Look out, world!!

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I just love design, textiles, art and all things that look divine. Things like magazines, paintings, fashion, etc., that make me disappear into a creative daydream. I feel I owe it to my developing blog to put my own visual stamp on it now, rather than stick to the set themes provided by, which although brilliant, don’t reflect what I want them to. And I owe it to my readers to show more of who I am through the design so you can all see the fuller picture of what Way Out Wedding is all about. To marry the writing to the writer, and the style to the actual person behind the blog. So, I’m going to be sitting down with a designer to purge all these ideas I have from my mind and place them bang firmly onto the blog. My Pinterest board that I’ve dedicated to this rebrand is a mash-up of gold, vivid colour, Peter Saville’s work, Twin Peaks, Pulp, calligraphy and fashion illustration. Make of that what you will!


Image by Hairbrained Schemes

Print and digital publications
My career background is in magazines and books, for the most part. As a young girl, I spent my pocket money on all the magazines I loved. Nowadays, it’s magazines plus coffee table books. Expensive hobby! Every time I vow to calm it down, I get about two months in before I’m back buying even more. And I love it!! My name is Erin, I like beautiful books and magazines, end of struggle against it. No point. And in 2014, I’ll be producing my own. I am so excited!! I’ve begun plans for a look book, a glossy magazine, and perhaps a digital magazine. Ambitious to do all three, but you can but try.

I can do this

Image by Pamela Joyce Designs

Meet up with people I’ve met doing this blog
Writing and developing Way Out Wedding has brought me into contact with so many talented, friendly, inspirational and kind people. I could not be happier. And to think this could be my full-time job! Well, I’m understating it to declare myself flipping lucky. There’ve been mentions of meeting up in the real world for afternoon teas, photo shoots, wedding fairs, and so on. I’m there with extremely loud and glittery bells on, loves!

And if I manage all this, you can just call me…


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What are your business goals for 2014?