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A wedding where the couple drove around in the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, a bulldog ring bearer, and the bride playing bass with the band covering Therapy?’s Screamager? Uh-huh, yes please! Carrie Davenport shot the whole day, so enjoy these gorgeous photos and alternative styling.

Sarah and Wayne were wed on October 13th, 2012 at the Chapel of Unity at Methodist College, Belfast, with the reception at the Clandeboye Lodge Hotel.

sarah_wayne_wedding_169-X3 sarah_wayne_wedding_548-L

The Beginnings

It was the summer of 1994. I was 13 and Wayne was 19. He was selling balloons in the centre of Belfast, and therefore was a captive audience for a 13-year-old girl with a crush to come up and talk to about metal gigs. I hasten to add we didn’t start dating until I was 19 and he was 25!

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The Proposal

After 11 years, the two were walking back through a wood in the evening from town to where he was staying, and Sarah paused to look at the view…

When I turned to Wayne, I noticed he was holding something out to me, and on shining the flash light, I realised it was a ring. He said, “Sarah, will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” to which I spluttered “Are you actually proposing??” then managed to accept. As Wayne slid the engagement ring on, two crows flew out of a nearby tree. This magical occasion was broken by our bulldog, Mr Tex, who picked this moment to run past with a dead rabbit in his mouth.

sarah_wayne_wedding_134-L sarah_wayne_wedding_120-L sarah_wayne_wedding_146-L

The Theme
It had to be crows!

We had them on the invitations after the two that flew out of the tree. I tried to make them cuter by putting costumes on them. I thought Mr Tex’s dead rabbit might have looked a bit odd…!

There were also two taxidermy crows, provided by the bride’s friend Gina, wearing bow tie and pearls, respectively, to match the ones on the stationery. Sarah says,

I’d like to add that no crows died in the wedding preparations and were already deceased.

sarah_wayne_wedding_186-L sarah_wayne_wedding_208-L sarah_wayne_wedding_585-L

The DIY/Thrifty Bits
Sarah made the invitations with the help of Zazzle, and the orders of service, table plan and seat cards she made using Microsoft Word, some card, ribbons and a special art knife. Her friend Gemma made cake toppers out of Fimo of the bride, Wayne and Mr Tex.

sarah_wayne_wedding_434-L sarah_wayne_wedding_370-L sarah_wayne_wedding_247-L


As I was getting out of the car at the chapel, I breathed out and my chest burst open the back of my dress. Cue the minister to the rescue with a safety pin!

sarah_wayne_wedding_446-L sarah_wayne_wedding_565-L sarah_wayne_wedding_285-L

The Advice

  • Brides, make sure you can sit down in your dress
  • Go with what you want, and don’t be swayed by other people’s complaining. Eyebrows were raised at our ring bearer, wedding car and choice of music, but afterwards everyone agreed it had worked out well
  • After you’re married, continue to go on dates.


The Music
First dance – Highway Star by Deep Purple. The band (Wayne’s friends, Black Rebel Blues) were indulgent enough to let me play bass on one song, Screamager by Therapy?
Walking down the aisle – Pachabel’s Canon in D on the organ

sarah_wayne_wedding_554-L sarah_wayne_wedding_513-L

Roll Credits

Photography – Carrie Davenport
Bride – ‘Hattie’ by Amanda Wyatt
Bridesmaids – The Wedding Box
Groom’s, best man’s and fathers’ outfits – Tux and Tails
Mr Tex – a dog bow tie from eBay


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