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As you know by now, I love my stationery. I’ve featured a few stationery vendors on here now, and here is my latest design crush.

The Little Posy Print Company is bursting with colour, and just makes me so cheery when I see the invitations and save the dates, etc. There’s humour and happiness and total design beauty. If you’re looking for something to give your guests a burst of sunshine while you tell them about your impending big day, then this is the stationer for you!


Claire Lefevre is the designer genius behind the company, and she kindly let me ask her about a million questions:

WOW: What made you decide to set up your company?
Claire: I’ve always wanted to design, really. I started my business doing logo and business branding design, mostly for crafty and creative people just like me, and really enjoyed it, but having trained as an illustrator, I found myself wanting just to create things that looked pretty, as well. I started the wedding design business with a small selection of designs to see if people liked them, and luckily they did, and it’s grown from there. I am so lucky to be able to do this, and to create lovely things for people’s happy days all the time.


WOW: What inspires your designs?
Claire: Anything and everything; it depends on how I’m feeling. A lot of the time, I see a colour palette or combination I like and go from there, or it can be something as random as a print on a blanket or cushion or even a stripy straw (the inspiration for my Petals and Stripes suite). The best thing about my job is having amazing brides and grooms to work with. I love how the stories and themes for their big day can inspire and shape what I do for them.

On Cloud 9

On Cloud 9

As above

As above

As above

As above

WOW: Do you have a favourite range?
Claire: My favourite range is usually my newest. I love doing something fresh and new, and I get excited to show it off to people, so if and when I have some spare time, I do like to design something new just for the fun of it. I think out of my existing designs, the Petals and Stripes suite is a favourite, and it’s one of my most popular designs with my brides and grooms.

Petals & Stripes

Petals & Stripes

WOW: Which illustrators and artists do you admire?
Claire: I’m a bit of a font geek, and I absolutely LOVE the work of Jessica Hische: she creates the most gorgeous shapes and compositions that are, in essence, just words, but become so much more. I also absolutely adore Marna Lunt. I’ve followed her work for a few years now, and it has evolved from the cutest little rosettes made out of gorgeous fabrics, buttons and ribbons into amazing textile pieces that are filled with detail and loveliness. One day, when I don’t have two boys around to ruin things, I’m going to have one of her gorgeous cushions just for me and no one will be allowed near it (the husband says I’m obsessed with cushions, but I can’t help it, they’re cute!).

Live love laugh 1

WOW: Any business tips?

  • Try and keep your work fresh and enjoyable because otherwise it becomes a chore
  • Engage with your customers on a personal level
  • It’s just me here, working all on my own, so there isn’t any point pretending that it’s a massive operation and that there are 50 people all working in an office behind the scenes. If you have a little business that you worked your bum off to create, then be very, very proud of that and people will appreciate it
  • Also, make lots of lists, drink lots of tea and try to get enough sleep and you/family time (I’m not very good at the last one).

Love Story

WOW: What’s next for The Little Posy Print Company?
Claire: Lots of things! I have a lot of people who say to me, “I wish I was getting married again so I could have one of your designs”, and I love anything pretty and papery/stationery related, so this year I want to branch out into everyday (but by no means boring!) stationery ranges like note cards, greetings cards and about a million other ideas!

Lacey Love

WOW: Do you find yourself doodling designs everywhere?
Claire: I do, but I don’t find that many of them end up as an actual designs. I’m more of a digital artist as my hands don’t always do what my brain wants, and I’m quite critical of my drawing skills. A lot of things end up in the bin!


WOW: What’s your favourite typeface?
Claire: Oooh, that’s a hard one! I have over 1,500 fonts on my computer, and if I’m having a bit of an inspiration block, then I can find myself losing hours looking at new typefaces. It tends to be the newest one I’ve acquired at the time that’s my favourite, but something very hand drawn is usually my style. That can be either something really scripty and swirly like Bombshell Pro, or something simple and a little bit cute and humble like Mossy.

WOW: Thank you so much, Claire! I cannot wait to see what you do next!

You can find The Little Posy Print Company at: websitePinterestTwitter; Facebook; Instagram.

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