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I know this is a wedding blog, filled with the wonders of styling the big day, of inspiring the look and feel of the party that begins the marriage, but it’s also about real life, and sometimes in real life things can take a decidedly downward turn. People split up and life travels all too suddenly in a very different direction.

After something so momentous as a separation or divorce, we can feel pretty awful inside and out (there were no words I could find to do the actual feelings justice there!!). So, what can you do when you feel horrendous? I want you to meet the beautiful Paula, who arranged a boudoir shoot with Millie Benbow as an answer to that. These shots are incredible, and I love so much how you can see a vulnerability being replaced by confidence and strength and determination. Get on!

Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-28 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-30 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-1 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-11


Why did you choose to do a boudoir shoot?
Paula: The shoot was purely for me. I’d recently separated from my husband and was feeling very low. I wanted to do something that would challenge me, invigorate me and give my self-confidence a boost. I’m a photographer myself, so I know the power of photography, and I wanted to do something for me. I also have scars on my legs from a car accident seven years ago. I used to be so self-conscious about them, but am less so now as I’m a bit older, and I feel they tell a story about my life. The shoot really helped me accept my body and my life.

Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-76 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-84 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-51 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-67 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-73

Is it something even shy folk could feel comfortable doing?
Paula: I think so, definitely. Millie has such a great presence that I didn’t feel nervous or embarrassed at all. I started by wearing a shirt and long socks to feel more comfortable and then went from there as my confidence grew.

Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-99 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-106 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-116 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-118 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-92 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-93 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-94

How did the photographer direct the shoot?
Paula: Millie definitely knew what poses and light worked, but the whole thing was so relaxed and natural. We had such a giggle!

Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-128 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-140 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-141 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-146 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-165 Millie Benbow Photography_Paula-167

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