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There’s a bit of everything in this gorgeous wedding: rock; vintage; quirky; colourful; classic. But far from being disjointed because of this crazy mix, it’s completely tied together, complementary, beautiful and inspirational. I love the bride’s classic dress and red lips, the groom’s incredibly stylish non-traditional suit, and the easygoing vibe you can see go through the heart of the day. It’s how a wedding should be done: glimpses of every aspect of you both separately and also how you are as one. The amazing photography is by Rob Grimes.

Cara and Robbie were married on September 7th, 2013, at Oxford Town Hall, chosen because, “it felt as grand and special as a church without being one!” The reception followed at Little Milton Village Hall. The bride told me,

We could move in for the weekend, set up as we pleased, had a huge kitchen at our disposal, plenty of outdoor space for the hog roast, a beer tent and a huge adventure playground for the kids!


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How They Met

We met in Oxford. Me and my mate were starting a new rock night at the Purple Turtle, and we were chatting to any emo looking people we could find to recruit! We stumbled across Robbie and his friends who were out celebrating Tank’s (best man) 17th birthday. On our launch night, Robbie and his friends were eagerly waiting to come in!

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The Proposal

Robbie proposed on a surprise trip to London. He took Cara to see Band of Horses (one of their favourite bands) at Hammersmith Apollo…

That’s where I thought the surprise ended, but then during the gig, he pulled out a ring and proposed! He had a five star hotel suite booked for us after the show to make the night extra special!

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The Theme

The day didn’t really have a conscious theme: it just reflected our personalities and was very family orientated. We had lots of bands performing (all family and friends), a beer tent and a hog roast so I guess it could be festival themed!

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The Advice

  • In terms of planning, we organised the most expensive things first, looked around at prices, then worked out what we could afford
  • Best tip if on a budget is to spend a long time researching and hunting for venues on the internet. It’s amazing what gems you can find on the 30th odd page on Google!
  • Don’t view something unless it’s in your price range – nothing worse than falling in love with somewhere that’s unaffordable!
  • When disasters happen, just go with the flow, turn a blind eye to anything annoying, and remind yourself you’re having fun
  • Take a little bit of time out of the day to spend together. We snuck off to the pub, just the two of us, in between the ceremony and the tea party! It was a great opportunity to take it all in, as we were both so overwhelmed that we had just gotten married!
  • After the big day, make time for each other. Life can be so busy, and you can easily get wrapped up in boring work, so it’s important to set aside quality time to spend together
  • Dating isn’t just for couples who have just met: it’s an important part of marriage, too. There’s never a time where you’ll run out of things to learn about each other, and that’s exciting!

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The DIY/Thrifty Bits

  • We did all of our stationery ourselves, with the fantastic help of my brother the Photoshop whizz! The background on the save the dates is the Tin Tabernacle, an adorable wedding venue a few miles from my parents’ house in Sussex, with a picture of me at my first communion and Robbie at his parents’ wedding Photoshopped over the top!
  • The men in the wedding party had handmade bow ties by our good friend Rudi Howes
  • Bunting was all handmade by Robbie’s Aunty Chris
  • The wedding cake was designed and handmade by my brother’s fiancée, Amanda Buckingham, who did an amazing job and she’s not a professional!
  • My mum made my bouquet from buttons
  • We created the wedding favour teabags
  • Robbie’s little sisters made lots of cakes, as did various other family members
  • We had a lot of kids at the wedding, and we wanted to avoid bored children, so we made a lengthy quiz booklet for them and made little rosettes for completing them! 

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The Music

First dance – No One’s Gonna Love You (More Than I Do) by Band of Horses
Down the aisle – Stolen by Dashboard Confessional

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Roll Credits

Photographer – Rob Grimes Photography with second shooter Lel Hurst Photography
Bride – David Fielden ‘Grace Kelly’ dress and baby pink Vans trainers
Groom – Navy skinny-fit Moss suit, denim shirt from River Island, braces and a homemade bow tie
Bridesmaids and maid of honour – Debenhams
Flower girls/younger bridesmaids – Monsoon

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