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I’m a huge fan of the bridal headpiece. When I was searching for my own wedding dress, the lady in the shop suggested a tiara to me. I wasn’t convinced at all, a bit skeptical, in fact, but tried it on in good spirit. I was utterly amazed that I loved it!! I felt like a fairy queen or something. That’s probably a little bit of a cliché, but I don’t care. It was ace. I’ve been a convert ever since.

The whole Still Life collection by Claire Pettibone is a complete knockout. Today, I’ll be showing you some of the veils and headpieces in that collection that are just so stylish and modern.


First up is my favourite. Although this borrows from a medieval look, it makes me think of a futuristic queen. Or Princess Leia. Whatever, I love it!

lily_elizabeth messina_CP2013_188

lily_elizabeth messina_CP2013_190

lily_elizabeth messina_CP2013_366


I love the name of this veil, for starters. So cool. I love how it starts as a Juliet cap, then leads into a fingertip-length veil.

alchemy_elizabeth messina_CP2013_069

alchemy_elizabeth messina_CP2013_245

alchemy_elizabeth messina_CP2013_286

alchemy_elizabeth messina_CP2013_337


Another Juliet cap design, this is modern lace done so stylishly.

julia_elizabeth messina_CP2013_121

julia_elizabeth messina_CP2013_320

julia_elizabeth messina_CP2013_402

julia_elizabeth messina_CP2013_108


Decadent and elegant, it suits perfectly this kind of hair style.

sonata_elizabeth messina_CP2013_201

In the second half of the 17th century, the art of the floral still life reached the height of fashion. Dramatic arrangements of flora and fauna, insects and fruits, set against dramatic dark backgrounds exude a mysterious romanticism. The inspiration for this collection quickly led to Dutch masterpiece Still Life of Flowers on a Marble Table by Rachel Ruysch, 1716. The brilliance of Nature’s beauty is highlighted to dramatic effect, just as the bride becomes the centre of our attention.
Graceful details adorn delicate silks and laces gilded in gold, glowing as if lit from within. The rich floral embroideries give the effect of a painting come to life, while a few artful butterflies flutter in.
Oh, the unexplainable mystery of love! Be still my heart…still in love…still life.

Claire Pettibone

Roll Credits

Designer – Claire Pettibone
Photography – Elizabeth Messina