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The thing I see most when I look at this couple is true and sweet love. The way they look at each other and are clearly best friends just so comfortable and relaxed together, it’s strikingly obvious that they’re absolutely made for each other and happy and content. Thank you so much to the lovely and super shooter Darren Mack for submitting these amazing shots of Caroline and Jason on their engagement shoot at Castle Eden Walkway, now known as Wynyard Park. He has captured such a special thing so brilliantly.




The Meeting
We met through a dating website. Jason messaged me first, saying how novel it was to see a tattooed teacher. I didn’t think anything would come of it given the distance between us: Jason works in Portsmouth and lives in Scunthorpe, and at the time I lived in Leeds. After a few messages, he asked if I would meet up for coffee and cake (two of my favourite things). So, we met at Roundhay Park in Leeds, which is a beautiful park, and spent the best part of a day together.





The Proposal
It was on my 28th birthday! The day prior to that was my best friend’s wedding, and Jason gave me my present early: a ring I had picked myself so that I had something nice to wear on my hand! On my birthday, he ushered me off to get ready and had my birthday card waiting once I was dressed. The proposal was in there, asking me to swap the ring to my engagement finger. I was a bit gobsmacked at first, and most people did ask if I knew it was coming, but he had made such a fuss about how it wasn’t an engagement ring when we picked it, and that the time would have to be right, so I didn’t have a clue. Obviously, I said yes!



The Reason for a Shoot
Jason and I chose to do an engagement shoot because we’re both wary in front of the camera, so it made sense to practise for the big day. Thankfully, I’ve known Darren a few years now, so it was easy once we got used to it.