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It’s a really exciting time for me here at Way Out Wedding HQ because it was this week that I was able to begin the journey from hobby blog to ‘this is my job’ blog. I’ve learned so much from the awesome Blog Life e-course from A Beautiful Mess even after just a few days, and I’ve started to write my media kit to send out to people who’ve enquired about sponsorship, and the next task for me is to write some business goals. Could not be more excited!!! Yes, it’s a multiple explanation mark situation!!!


The Weddings



  The DIY


The Business

  • Blog Life – I know I’m mentioning this every two minutes, but it is indescribably and immensely useful. You have to get this if you’re serious about blogging as a career. It’s packed chocka full of information about the business side of blogging, but in this fun, enjoyable, realistic and incredibly generous way.
  • What I’ve learned in six years of blogging


The Fashion

High-waisted bikini bottoms from Peace of Paradise. I’m thinking honeymoon hotness.


Photograph courtesy of DISfunkshion Magazine


I used to read Kingdom of Style religiously, but had lapsed of late, no particular reason why… I’m back into it now, and oh how I’ve missed the queens and their showcasing of quirky designers, OOTDs, and other lovely crazy stuff you’d normally miss out on. It’s good to be underground and not for ever mainstream. That’s where the creation is happening. Big ramble over, here’s the post I loved most this week about lingerie with a dark side. Way back when, I tried to copy Queen Michelle’s harness DIY, which this reminds me of, but I only got as far as buying the elastic and the hoops, which then went mouldy in the garage. This is why I don’t DIY. I am bad at it.


This girl on The Sartorialist is a babe! Such a shame the comments descended into a tattoo debate. Yawn.


And before I go…

I want to have a shameless beg for some votes in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards 2014 nominations! I watched the last awards ceremony from afar with absolute stars in my eyes that this could be me at some point. Way Out Wedding was beyond fledgling at that point and nowhere near the radar let alone on it. I loved seeing all the other bloggers attending the ceremony at the Ritz in London and there was a genuine buzz from following proceedings on Instagram and Twitter. “One day, Missy,” I told myself. Click the picture below to register your nominations, and pretty please one for me :)