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I’ve never organised a hen do, really, except my own. And that was only half of the do, where I said I wanted to meet up with the stags at the Intrepid Fox after our posh afternoon tea at The Landmark – a game of two very different halves was my hen do.

If I was asked to organise someone else’s, I would’ve definitely been a bit stumped before hearing about the new venture from Claire at Rosey Posey Creations. Not stopping at simply selling gorgeous flower crowns, headpieces and the like, she’s taking the show on the road to hens’ houses so that they can create their own bespoke Rosey Posey pieces in their own homes. I love that!!

Home parties have come into their own again of late, as have floral hair adornments, so what a perfect combo for a hen night!!

Rosey Posey Creations 2

So, what happens at a Rosey Posey hen party? 

Our hen parties are a great excuse to get your girls together before the madness of the night out ensues. We bring round our best china, and you can chat and have a giggle whilst drinking tea (or champagne!), eating cupcakes and making Rosey Posey Creations. We take you through how to make each creation, and at the end you’re left with some beautiful keepsakes to have forever, along with some great memories. They’re great to make for the hen party night out or even for the wedding day itself.


Rosey Posey Creations 3

Awesome idea!! How did it come about?

It actually happened completely by accident! We suddenly started getting lots of enquiries for hen party workshops one week, and when we asked how they found out about us they all said they had seen us mentioned on a wedding blog! A blogger had written how perfect it would be to have a Rosey Posey workshop for hen parties and had forgot to tell us she had mentioned us – it was a wonderful surprise and a great idea!!


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How do I book one?! Let me at it!!

Feel free to speak to us on all social networks. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, you can leave a enquiry message on our website.

Prices start at £20 per person. For this, you will:

  • make a floral headband
  • make a floral hair comb
  • make a pair of flower earrings (altogether these three things are usually £28 to buy, not including postage)
  • get some lovely tea and cake!

If you want to make more, then the prices go up depending on what else you want to make.

What are you waiting for, ladies? I reckon this would be the most fun. Such a laugh! Get booking now! And Tweet us with your pics if you’ve had one of these yourself. Would love to see!  

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Roll Credits
Flower crowns – Rosey Posey Creations
Model – Lillie Williams