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 Rob Grimes Photography

Hello again! Fridays are arriving more quickly every week. I am not complaining.

I hope you’ve all had a good one. I’ve been busy blogging some beautiful things for you to look at next week, including a gorgeous shoot featuring amazing preloved dresses. It is stunning!!

I’ve also been planning the Way Out Wedding print magazine, outlining the style, the content, the whole look and feel of it all. I want it to be a lookbook inspirational piece rather than a traditional wedding magazine format. Think AnOther magazine, or LOVE, basically the big fat image-heavy mags you see on the shelves in WH Smiths!

The Weddings and Things


 Photography by Les Loups



a beautiful mess diy normal is boring

The Business

The Competition Winner!!
Thank you to all the entrants in the Best Day Ever competition to win your save the dates from a frankly awesome range of stationery. I put all the names into one of those randomisers, and out popped…Jessica Spencer!!! Aww, Jessica, I loved your comment so much, and you picked my favourite Stripe Me Pretty. Mirlah will be in touch with you to sort out your prize. Best of luck in the rest of your wedding planning. You’ll have to show us piccies of your big day!!

I still have three competitions left for you to enter:


Best Day Ever Wedding Stationery Winner
The Other

Have a grand weekend. Have an adventure. Have a wine popsicle.