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Summer of Love Shoot Photography Farm 313

When you’re expecting your first baby, you have no idea of the atomic bomb that’s about to go off in your life, changing it forever, marvellously, yes, but also chaotically. You dream for nine months of endless cuddles, cute cardigans, sleepy afternoons, easy feeding, coos, gurgles and smiles. A blissful existence…

And then the baby arrives…

…bringing with it all of that beauty and wonder, absolutely, however ALSO much crying without your having the faintest idea how to solve the problem, wind that leads to more crying, sick, like everywhere, explosive nappies about five seconds after a change, waking up several times in the night maybe for milk, maybe too cold, maybe baby doesn’t even know why but then gets hacked off that you can’t figure it out, and so on.

It’s mental.

And beautiful.

Terrifying and magical.

I think the word is dizzying.


This is why I love Veronica Dearly‘s new baby card – it tells it like it is!

But not in a horrible ‘don’t even think about being happy because your world is about to go mad forever’ way that you sometimes see in silly comments left on people’s Facebook pages when they dare to have that nice first-time parent dream about their baby’s perfect and magical arrival into their lives. You know, where some hard-done-by plum feels the need to remind them it’s not all glorious just so that they can feel better. Tut. It’s a much more helpful and kindly card than that, and does nothing to take away from all the lovely stuff that IS there.

It’s the full picture, and I love it! You’re told the reality and that you should embrace it. And indeed you should!

I think the title Veronica’s given the card is spot on – An Introduction to Baby Humans. First thing I’ve seen that isn’t naive or doom-saying, but just tells it like it is. Go get!


Photography CreditDevlin Photos for portrait photo