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My Instagram Week

My Instagram Week

First of all, happy July 4th to all my American friends and readers! And secondly, woah there, 2014, you’re moving along stupidly fast. Cannot believe it’s July!! As you can see from my Instagram montage above, I’ve had a colourful week!

Bottom right – Disco 2000
I dug out my tracklisting for my own wedding’s reception disco – some hilarious entries on there, such as the Raccoons theme tune!! WTAF?!  There are about a million songs on there, and I’m going to be bringing them to you each week for Sunday Service. I hope it inspires you in compiling your own track list if you’re having a DJ and you’re a similar control freak about what you have played at your own party. I was always the girl by the stereo, annoyingly taking over making sure everyone heard good songs. I love being reminded of songs I’d forgotten about.

Bottom left – Win a $50 Modcloth gift card competition from Allison Wonderland Photographie
All you have to do to enter is to 1. follow @allisonwonderlandphotographie on Instagram and 2. post a selfie on Instagram using the hashtag #livelaughwonder and that’s it! Closes July 23rd, 2014.

Top right – Festival Best Polyvore layout
I haven’t been to a festival for a couple of years now. I think the last one was Pulp at Wireless. I thought I’d dream up a fantasy outfit for when I next go to something musical and outdoors. It had better be this pink and eye-gougingly bright.

Top leftDepop is my poison
You know how I love Instagram? I also love a bit of a charity shop outing. So, combine those two and you get what is basically the best thing ever for uniting you with your next preloved outfit. You can buy, sell, swap your clothes, or you can perv over things you know wouldn’t fit you but that give you inspiration, or perhaps a plan to have alterations made. I scored myself a gorgeous neon-flecked leopard print dress with a way shorter hem at the front (need killer leggings and kick-ass belt to go with). It is best worn while trying to flirt with Nicky Wire. I also got an Alexander McQueen-esque bejewelled skull ring. I am sartorially whole again. Only downside, it is mega-spammy at the moment, with so many people leaving comments simply saying to follow their own pages. Not cool.

The Weddings, etc.

Rob Grimes Photography

A sneak preview (above) of a beautiful wedding from Rob Grimes Photography coming up soon…

The DIYs 

Pet pop art - genius

Pet pop art – genius

A Beautiful Mess


The Business


The Fashion


 Fashion Gone Rogue

The Music

James – Moving On. A song written about Tim Booth’s bereavement of his mother and his friend, it’s upbeat and celebratory, while the video is so beautiful it will probably make you cry. It did me! *sniffs* The story behind the concept for the video is brilliant! Serendipity.

The Prize Winners!!

Sorry, that was mean making you wait (or scroll down at double speed, more likely) until here to announce the lucky winners of the win your wedding photography from Rob Grimes and Tracey Christina prize!! There were some absolutely fantastic entries – cor, you lot are planning some seriously stylish dos for your big days!! Kudos!! We chose Gemma and James because their day, while having a theme that I won’t reveal here, is mainly about celebrating the love, and also including handmade elements to maximise creatively on a smallish budget. We loved that.

We don’t have a massive budget, so we will be doing a lot of the wedding ourselves with our family and friends, making the invitations, the centre pieces, etc. It will be very much about celebrating our lives together – lots of pictures of family and friends, very informal, and a lot of amazing music, dancing, champagne, and real ale! And the list of home made elements is endless! Obviously we want a lovely wedding, but the important thing to us is actually getting married to each other, whilst also making sure that our family and friends have an incredible time!

Congratulations to Gemma and James. PS check out the rock!!!

Congratulations to Gemma and James. PS check out the rock!!!

Rob and Tracey have also given very generous second and third place prizes to:

Aimee and Gareth who are getting married at Cardiff Castle win 50% off their wedding photography!

And Shaunie and Gary who win 25% off their wedding photography!

Congratulations to all of you! And thank you to everyone who entered – big, big love for you all on your amazing wedding days.

Excitingly, the win your wedding photography from Paula Broome has been extended until August, so plenty of time to get those alternative wedding plan ideas across to her to enter!