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It’s been an age since I did anything with my music posts. Awful!! So, let’s fix it now. This is the music post, previously known as ‘Sunday Service’, reboot.

Going back to the start // My love of music

From when I was four, and my little legs wouldn’t even reach the edge of the sofa seat, I remember watching Adam and the Ants on Top of the Pops. I fell in love with him and in love with music. I put lipstick stripes on my face, and it was good.

Every weekend saw me doing my colouring books on our patio with the Top 40 on the radio for company from Sunday roast to tea time. A little ritual, complete with picnic table, comfy chair, glass of juice, and a spare tape in the tape deck for recording the good songs. Proper ’80s fun.

Just everything that goes along with music is exhilaratingly brilliant – the artwork, the fashion, the politics. A great love affair with that whole world began young and has never, ever stopped.



Las Vegas Cupid’s Wedding Chapel by Charlene Precious on Etsy

An education 

Growing up, the Manic Street Preachers taught me more about politics and 20th century history than school ever did. And I learnt all about real, awkward, clumsy love from Jarvis Cocker and Morrissey. Suede told me all about boys loving boys, chemical stuff and things, and the dark side of obsessions, affairs, love gone too far. And Madonna made me dance my arse off. In lace gloves.

Anything goes

I’m not a snob, either. Years ago at university, I was head over heels crushing on a man who worked in a record store (a pattern much repeated). Yet, I never felt the need to edit my musical tastes or purchases to speak some impressive meta-language at him through the medium of my vinyl and CD choices. Nope. I’d happily present him with a shamelessly weird mix containing the diasporate likes of Spiritualized, Aqua, white labels, Blondie, Saint Etienne and Boyzone. He bloody loved it!

Skip to the end

So, how’s this blog series reboot working, exactly? I’ve nodded off.

Well, by the time my wedding day planning came around, Mr B and I had both had the best part of three decades’ worth of musical archives to choose from to create our reception super-disco set list. We spent a very hilarious afternoon in the pub building the humongous tracklist for our accommodating DJ. We’re talking 200+ songs. And that was the edit. It was a journey through time, traversing happy childhoods making up dances to Kylie songs (mainly me), teenage years finding solace from angst (!!) in Nirvana, university late 1990s watching Grunge buckle under Britpop and watching that die into…what? Our 20s spent on stressy London work commutes, cheered up by iPod shuffle lists taking over where mixtapes left off, and our early 30s in a musical wasteland created by Simon Cowell as he stamped out individuality one over-produced artist at a time.

Bitter? You bet.

It’s a sorry day when little kids with no life experience to tell you about, nor hard work to inspire you with, top the charts with nothing but hairstyles and matching outfits chosen by someone else to stand behind. Where’s all the proper music gone??

I rant.

Back to the point
The new music post will bring you our entire set list for our big day a bunch of songs at a time. Hopefully, it’ll inspire your own set list. There will also be guest posts from DJs to help you in your planning. Look at that, I could’ve just said that.

Here’s your first one.

Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf