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James Melia Photography_8937

I saw this boudoir shoot on theĀ James Melia Photographers Facebook page, and it stopped me dead in my tracks. It’s sultry as hell; you can’t take your eyes off it. I had to have this.

For anyone mulling over whether or not to brave a boudoir shoot, this is a set of pictures that’ll have you reaching for the phone to book it in today. There’s something so quietly dramatic about these shoots. I know that sounds at odds, but it’s the fierceness in the eyes and the defiance of confidence, juxtaposed with the softness and vulnerability of the unclothed body and the fabrics its draped in. A heady mix.

James Melia Photography_8941 James Melia Photography_8938 James Melia Photography_8893

James Melia Photography_8907 James Melia Photography_8911 James Melia Photography_8925 James Melia Photography_8929 James Melia Photography_8932 James Melia Photography_8946 James Melia Photography_8948 James Melia Photography_8950 James Melia Photography_8952 James Melia Photography_8954


The reason for the shoot was that we wanted to shoot something that we hadn’t before, and we also want to start shooting lingerie/boudoir. I was a little nervous, to be honest, because sometimes I say the most inappropriate things trying to make people comfortable, which can be all right on a portrait shoot, or even a wedding, but not so much for this. Turned out we had a good laugh at my inappropriateness, and actually made both the girls laugh and feel completely at ease… Loved shooting this and will be shooting more in the future.


James Melia Photography_8917 James Melia Photography_8916 James Melia Photography_8918

James Melia Photography_8898 James Melia Photography_8900 James Melia Photography_8957 James Melia Photography_8958 James Melia Photography_8879 James Melia Photography_8880 James Melia Photography_8884 James Melia Photography_8885 James Melia Photography_8887 James Melia Photography_8890 James Melia Photography_8891 James Melia Photography_8892 James Melia Photography_8894 James Melia Photography_8897

James Melia Photography_8881

James Melia Photography_8959

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