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Yesterday was a little bit amazing. I found out I’d made the shortlist for the best alternative wedding blog category in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards 2014!! Last year, as a brand new wedding blogger, I watched from afar via Twitter and Instagram as the big bloggers partied at the Ritz, and I loved it. It all looked so swish and exciting. I hoped that the next time I’d be there, and now I will be yippeeee! I can’t wait to meet my fellow wedding bloggers – so excited! Thank you so, so much to everyone who voted for me and my blog – I cannot tell you the high I was on yesterday. It feels good to know you like what I’m doing.

I would love so much if you could pop over to the voting page, and vote for Way Out Wedding. I know I’m up against it in that category, but you never know!!


The Weddings, etc.

Sanshine Photography - Charlotte Garratt Couture - Queen of the Forest Photoshoot (3)

Sanshine Photography



The Business

  • Want to advance your career? Ditch the networking – I think this is spot on if you want to have an authentic, honest, and real business. Make genuine colleagues and industry friends, not contacts. Sure, that takes time, but isn’t it then better for being real? I would hate to do anything to further my success that was fake, or in any way use someone. I love making connections over time and seeing business friendships grow. It’s a lovely feeling because you’re all supportive of each other in this brilliantly genuine way. So, yes, it’s not about what others can do for you, it’s about how you can all connect as human beings who happen to run businesses.
  • Social media can fox the best of us at times. I’ve somehow got two Google+ accounts, no idea how, no idea why, and at a loss as to what to do! And I think I’m all right at social media!! If you’re working in the arts, or you want to, and you could do with a few pointers on how to come up with a social media strategy, you should get yourself on this Social Media for the Arts course run by Joe Dawson (creator of my logo, and who is redesigning my blog as we speak). He’s very good at all this, so get yourself booked on.


Fashion Gone Rogue

The Fashion

  • White summer dresses – perfect for casual bridal
  • Elie Saab’s The Light of Now fall collection 2014 (picture above) has caused a huge stir among the wedding blogs, and rightly so. Twinkly gowns, striking designs, altogether perfect for fashionable brides

The Other

  • Drink, Shop, Do – awesome place in north London that I think would be amazing to have your hen do at. Check out its incredibly random ‘what’s on‘ list! Learn to dance to Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s Push It, or Beyoncé’s Run the World, make Lionel Rich Tea biscuits, dance your bum off at the luau, or my favourite, Indeedy Musical Bingo. It’s nuts. You’ll have fun!
  • Skunkboy’s disposable camera challenge – I do miss analogue stuff, the simple life, not being able to control every last thing and just seeing what happens. This is just about perfect for me.
  • More alternative free stock photo sites

It’s been a smaller roundup post this time, but I have a ton more good stuff to show you on the Way Out Wedding Facebook page, so get yourself over there!