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girl with glasses double exposure

I have a thing for screen prints. It was one of my favourite things to do in A Level art. There’s a lot to be said for the glee of squidging some paint or ink about the place, peeling off the mesh and template, and revealing the precision of that finished image. Mine were never as good as Jasmin Dwyer‘s, though. Jasmin is an artist I found on Etsy while looking for things to tart up my walls. There are bold colours in her work, so I was sold within seconds. How can your wall fail to look fabulous when it’s got hot pinks, oranges and teals all over it?

young deer

It’s not just screen prints, either. There are ceramics, collages, simple ink drawings, and watercolours. They’re all captivating, and punchy, and they make me want to get my art materials out because the creativity is buzzing and infectious.


I spoke to Jasmin about her inspirations…

I’m a London based illustrator and artist from Australia. I create bittersweet imagery where the tangible and make-believe meet. I’ve been making pictures for as long as I can remember. If I’m not making, or thinking about making what I consider to be beautiful things, I start to panic.
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I’m influenced by lots of things; the whole world inspires me. Everything just sort of soaks in and I try to notice small things. I like to look for beautiful things in ugly places. It’s easy in London – some parts of London are really ugly.
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My work combines features of abstract art and geometric design with contemporary approaches to illustration. With a background in Fine Art, I enjoy working with traditional materials, such as acrylic, pastel, chalk and ink, to create vibrant, layered colour.
wren Shine on you crazy diamond sleeping fawn

A recent move towards printmaking has allowed me to work closely with fusing detailed and refined illustrative work with the conventional approaches I’ve been practising for many years. The process has been very rewarding.

Jasmin’s shop // Jasmin’s gallery

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