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What to do if you’re not Ms Traditional Bride in a world of traditional bridal? That’s going to make choosing the dress (the most fun yet most nervy bit about the planning stage for many brides-to-be) even more tricky. Here are some Etsy wedding dress gems of the alternative type.

1. The Peppermint Pretty 
Short and flirty, and entirely made up of tiers, with a cheeky twist at the bust: this is modern at its best. If you’re not into tiaras, or pins, or veils, or anything like that, you can make this a killer look with statement jewellery and knockout heels. I can see a bride with Dawn O’Porter‘s hair wearing this and looking like a sci-fi heroine. Do not ask me why, I just can!

The Peppermint Pretty wedding dress

2. Jul by Julia Gasin
This one has a rabbit on it, so straight away we’ve left classic behind and it’s a dot on the horizon. The swing of the hem on this is immense, and its overall ’50s vibe will have you calling your groom a dreamboat and suchlike. And the sweetheart neckline is good news for busts everywhere. So flattering for the décolletage.

Jul by Julia Gasin wedding dress

3. Nervous Wardrobe
This is for cutting-edge brides who want a shot in the arm of structure and engineering. You definitely don’t get those folds, drapes and shapes in traditional boutiques. You’d not need to do much to this, either. I think some hot pink or blood red lipstick, and away you go.

Nervous Wardrobe wedding dress

4. Anya Dione
Paint-spattered – hello! Art in a wedding dress. And The Guardian says paint-splashed fashion is very 2014. Congratulations, Mrs, you are now – Bang. On. Trend.

Anya Dione Wedding Dress

5. La Belle Fairy
This is Victoriana heaven. It’s got a real Wild West feel to it, too. The best bit is that your curves will be accentuated and given definition by the corset, and your legs will be on show because of the higher hemline at the front. All very womanly!

La Belle Fairy wedding dress

6. Red Doll by Tatyana Merenyuk
A beautifully structured bustier, with almost geometric, futuristic qualities, coupled with a fluidity on the skirt, gives this dress a really interesting look and feel. It’s always great to see two very different elements juxtaposed in the one garment (a clash that creates interest), but only if it’s done well, like it most definitely is here.

Red Doll wedding dress

7. Dreamers and Lovers
Crocheted lace, bell-sleeved, ’70s number. You’ll be one unique and sassy bride in this one. And I would totally team it with the boots in this picture. Perfect for effortlessly cool summer brides.

Dreamers and Lovers wedding dress

8 & 9. Dainty Rascal
Two lovely dresses here. The top one is pure mermaid, which is awesome and not in any way traditional (unless you are an actual mermaid). And the lower one would be perfect for a fairy in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with its sheer middle panel and floaty skirt.

Dainty Rascal wedding dress

Dainty Rascal wedding dress 2

10. Wedding Dress Fantasy 
Not only is this pink, but it’s ombré. It is, in short, fabulous!!

Wedding Dress Fantasy 2 Wedding Dress Fantasy 1

Which of these is your favourite? Brides-to-be, maybe you have another alternative number in mind. Those already wed, Tweet me your photos of your amazing, non-traditional wedding dresses!