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Erin Balfour wedding

Today, I have been married for five whole years. I just cannot believe it’s flown by so much! It honestly feels like a few months ago I was clinging on to my dad down the aisle while my knees knocked severely under my beautiful dress (I’d always thought that was just a cartoon thing!!), while I beamed at my husband-to-be at the altar. What have I learnt in this time?

  • Marriage is a life’s work, but that this is fun and inspiring.
  • It doesn’t happen around you, you make it how it is.
  • You are constantly learning how to be together and to adapt, to be as one while also being separate.
  • It’s a living, breathing, changing state, so keep up.
  • The wedding day is a great party, but a marriage is being mindful every day of the promises you made, none of which are effortless when real life throws its best and its worst at you.
  • You become a team, and even when stuff rocks the boat, you have each other’s back and you fight very hard not to sink.

Happy anniversary to you and me, Mr B! I’ve bought you a tree to celebrate because this is the ‘wood’ anniversary. It symbolises growth, hardiness, shelter, and life.

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