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Cheese Before Bedtime 2

Craftiness and stitching is the new rock ‘n’ roll. From Project Runway, to Crafternoons and Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, Mollie Makes, Sewing Bee, and the latest in televisual aceness, This Old Thing, we’re loving our artistic flair in the ways of fabric, making, upcycling and crafty skills.

I am hopeless at all of the above. I like to look, though, and on one Etsy foray, I spotted the quite awesome Cheese Before Bedtime. Amy Jones is the stitching queen behind the brand, and her designs aren’t anything your granny would have on her wall. Well, not unless she’s immensely cool and ready to forego her cross-stitched teddy bear in a slightly creepy frame, such is a granny’s wont. No, these little works of art are of hipsters, girls in flower crowns, and Goldfrapp-style animals or animal masks. The colour palette is bursting with brights and neons. Bringing stitching and hoops bang up to date. About time.

Here’s a few bits and bobs from the world of Cheese Before Bedtime…

Cheese Before Bedtime 5

Terry Woods Photography

Cheese Before Bedtime 8 Cheese Before Bedtime 9

Cheese Before Bedtime 13

Hi. My name’s Amy and I’m a Stitchaholic! I have a passion for making cute embroidery pieces to adorn your walls and each one is completely hand stitched and one of a kind.

I come from a visual merchandising and design background, and a recent redundancy has given me the push I needed to get Cheese Before Bedtime up and running. This love of outfitting and styling still gets to come through in my stitched designs – it’s really like mannequin dressing but on a much smaller (and craftier) scale!

Cheese Before Bedtime 22 Cheese Before Bedtime 20 Cheese Before Bedtime 21

Each piece has its own personality and no two are the same. Most pieces are based on photos or images that interest me, which I stitch as outlines. I then decide on clothes, colours and accessories by stitching on various fabrics and embroidering on details. The finished piece is then wrapped over a frame to keep it strong, ready for your wall as an individual piece of art or to sit amongst friends.

I hope you enjoy my stitched creations as much as I do!

Cheese Before Bedtime 4Cheese Before Bedtime 17Cheese Before Bedtime 6Cheese Before Bedtime 27

You can find this stitching magic on Amy’s Facebook page and her Etsy shop.

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