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070-6228-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

I love an engagement shoot with a musical and artistic twist. This is the shoot of Chris and Richard by PhotoMadly in the style of the band Hurts. I love all the moody shots around and about the Barbican. One of my favourite bits of London, the complex is a big concrete, futuristic playground, perfect for losing yourself in. It can look sort of bleak, but in a really, really good way. It’s absolutely made for the stylised pre-wedding shoot, and it allows any shot of colour to pop out in its contrast to the greys all around and about.

005-6095-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

034-6173-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

093-6308-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

How did you meet?
We met at university nearly 15 years ago. Friends introduced us at the student union club night to the romantic soundtrack of Encore Une Fois and Café Del Mar! We couldn’t really hear what each other were saying, but we clicked and have been pretty inseparable ever since.

The proposal
It was all very low key as we’d been talking around the subject of getting married for a long time. We were in Stockholm for a long weekend in November. It had gone dark by 3pm, so we retreated to the hotel bar. We were just having a cosy chat on the sofa with a glass of bubbly, and I decided the time was right to properly ask the question. Chris said yes, and we celebrated by ordering a cheese board!

113-6406-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding 134-6431-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding 111-6366-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

What made you choose to do an engagement shoot?
It was part of the package our lovely wedding photographer Erika offered. I think it’s a great way to practise for the big day – a chance to get used to having a photographer around, and to figure out how to pose without looking too awkward. It has definitely taken away some of the worry about the wedding itself.

020-6134-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding 141-6437-Richard&Chris Pre-Wedding

The style and location
We didn’t want to do anything too lovey-dovey or sentimental – that’s really not our style. We were also worried that forcing too many big smiles would look artificial. So we went for something a bit more stylized that still felt very genuine and intimate. We both love the Barbican. It’s got really interesting architectural vistas and big brooding backdrops to play with. I find its ‘retro-future’ style inspiring – I can pretend I’m in a 1970s sci-fi film!

Roll Credits
Photography – PhotoMadly

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