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I am so, so, so excited at the moment because my website is being redesigned as we speak!! It’s going to have a much wider post width so that it looks more boom and impactful, it’ll have pinnable images for ease of pinning to your wedding planning boards, it’ll have a mailing list so you can subscribe to receive posts by email, there will be the Way Out Vendors advertising slots so you can see easily all those suppliers that I think will do you and your day proud, and just loads more awesome stuff, really. All in all it’ll look way nicer and be much easier to use. I am beyond pleased! Watch this space!! Aww, my little blog is growing! *proud*


Photograph by Nerosubianco Fotografia via Offbeat Bride

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By karin A on Etsy

The Other

  • I read about the #bodyUNashamed movement on the fabulous Fuller Figure Fuller Bust about blogger Lillies and Love‘s battle against this creeping body dysmorphia that’s affecting too many people living with the daily bombardment of unrealistic images of physical perfection that we suffer in the age of digital manipulation and ‘here is my perfect life’ social media editing. Sorry for the long sentence there. Get involved. What a wonderful way to bat down this ridiculous trend and replace it with something that celebrates the real. Which leads me to another poke in the eye for unrealistic expectations being peddled on the Interwebs…
  • Male #makeuptransformations taking over the Internet – love this!

Until next week! Big love to you all x