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Way Out Wedding Promo Shot - Web Res

Photography credit – my awesome husband!!

When you get a bit further down the line in blogging, and you start making your media kit and whatnot, you realise that your grainy selfies aren’t going to cut the sauce in your branding any more. Me, I have zero time to jet off out on photo shoots just at the moment because I’m a mother and we don’t remember what spare time looks like, or if it’s even a thing (and we love it!), so the obvious choice was to get poncing about in the back garden with the iPhone, dressed up to the nines in my dress from Topshop Unique that’s a bit too mad to wear out in public, with a full face of make-up on that would be garish even on the stage, and ask my lovely husband to take some photos. We had such a laugh, and we got a few brilliant shots that I then tinkered with in VSCO to get them looking better.

Lesson learned? Stop lamenting being able to get photos the way you want to, and get off your bum and do your best with what you’ve got. You may well be very pleasantly surprised at the results!

Vivienne Westwood Bridal 2014

Source – Vivienne Westwood Pinterest

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Dan O’Day Photography via Hello May

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The Competition and the Shameless Beg for Votes…Again

  • You can win your engagement shoot from Paula Broome in a competition we’re running over at Ultimate Wedding Magazine. Check out both those links – awesome photographer and equally awesome magazine. Watch out for my interview with its editor, Tina Reading, in the coming weeks!

Win an Engagement Shoot

  • You’ve got just a little while left to vote in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards 2014. I’m up for the Best Alternative Wedding Blog gong (Really? You’ve not mentioned that…), and I would love to win so much!! If you have just a minute or two, I would be so happy to have your vote!


Have a wondrous long weekend – how did the last of the summer bank holidays catch up with us so quickly?! Make it a good one!