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Punk rock bridal shower on Ruffled

Image by Jessica Oh Photography via Ruffled

Last Friday was my birthday, so there was no roundup as I took the day off. I had a fab day, despite being horribly ill. But, I was determined to feel birthdayish and so I just cracked on. Mind over matter!! There was a small glass of ‘dammit I’m having it’ wine, and there was a posh curry that cost a (justified) fortune from the supermarket. Aces!!

Apart from the birthday, the highlight of the week was clearing some fabulous wedding eye-candy for my upcoming print magazine. Seriously, these are some crackers. I cannot wait to see Way Out Wedding in tangible form. For a magazine superfan, this has been my dream since the beginning. It’ll be in amazing company, once it’s finally done, what with the new Elle Wedding (best thing I ever heard of) and Rock ‘n’ Roll Bride Magazine (phew it’s still going to be around – Kat had me fooled and disappointed saying no more mag!!). Someone asked me if I was intimidated or put off by the arrival of two utterly huge presences on the wedding mag scene, but I said no, I cannot wait to read them, and that even if no one reads my magazine but me, I would still have fulfilled a wee dream. I’ve always been at home pulling a magazine together, and now I get to do it with weddings. That is truly excellent!!

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Image by Lauren Apel Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

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By Paula Broome

By Paula Broome