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Alice in Wonderland is such an attractive theme for a wedding. All the little quirks and touches from the book, such as the playing cards, the white rabbit, the potions, and the Mad Hatter, they’re so striking, memorable and completely lend themselves to wedding details.

What I love about Sarah and Roger’s take on it is that the dark side of the tale is played up what with the groom’s black velvet jacket and bridesmaids’ black dresses (so perfectly pitched against the white bridal gown), the Queen of Hearts headless mannequin, and the fact that the reception was set in the Islington Metalworks: an alternative venue that is completely un-weddingy in the best possible way (see the black walls and Banksy-esque graffiti in its courtyard). Dark Alice? Oh, yes, yes.

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Although we didn’t initially want a theme, when we saw photos of an Alice in Wonderland wedding on the Metalworks website, we thought that it looked great, and we loved the idea of it being a wedding for people who are a little bit twisted!

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The atmosphere we were aiming for was warm and inclusive, hence we had big rows of tables, rather than small circular tables, and lots of different types of music throughout the day: Jazz band; a jukebox hour, where people’s own songs were played (choices were given in advance in order to avoid an organisational nightmare on the day); Moroccan band; and then House music DJ Ross Manthorpe to round off the night.

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We chose the Metalworks as we initially went to look at hotels but just felt that they lacked spirit, so we started looking on the Internet for warehouse weddings. Islington was a great choice because it’s such a lovely area, and guests who were staying the night before had plenty of choice on where to go out.

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As for food, to continue the inclusive and warm theme, we chose mezze and it was a great success.

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We went with Laura Babb for the photography because although slightly more expensive than others, she represented very good value for money, is highly professional, and has a cool style of photography that is unobtrusive but also ‘real’ and not over polished – that’s boring!

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The Music

  • Walking down the aisle – Gymnopedie No. 1 on the cello
  • First dance – marching in with the Moroccan band playing a traditional song!

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The Advice

  • We had problems remembering what was happening when, so creating a Word document, which takes five minutes, saved hours of pain! Have this in place months before the day, not weeks.
  • Allow your friends to show how talented they are by helping out; it makes it more personable.
  • But give them space to be creative as putting too much pressure on people only puts them off.
  • Remember not to get overly bogged down with what you think you should and shouldn’t have. Only have what you want and like. Stay true to yourselves as individuals and as a couple.

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Roll Credits

Photographer – Babb Photo
Venues – Islington Town Hall (Ceremony); Islington Metalworks (Reception)
Bride – Mia Sposa
Hair and make-up – Jo Edwards at The perfect Marriage
Flowers – Your London Florist
Catering – Octopus Catering
Bouquet – Love Bouquets
Cakes – the wedding cake was made by the bridesmaid, and the cupcakes made by a friend
Stationery – table plans (keys) and invitations made by friends
The Motor – d
riven by our friend in his Bentley

The Gallery