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I have a visual inspiration post for you today! I saw a picture from this styled shoot on Millyjane Photography‘s Instagram feed and had to show you the magic. I love the model’s hair, her outfit, the beautiful light, all of it. I know you’ll love some of the cute details, so I thought I would do a kind of ‘Steal the Style’ post and add some links to similar items.


0408LexiUnicorn_14 0408LexiUnicorn_11

What grabs me most about the beautiful dress (by Damsel in this Dress) is the colour. A delicate and powdery blue skirt, with a faded pastel corset with turquoise laces, this dress is going to work with slightly left of traditional and also all-out alternative.

If it’s the colour that does it for you, it’s worth getting yourself over to Oh My Honey and The Couture Company. Both these companies are unafraid to be bold and bright. If it’s the style that you love, you can actually recreate it with separates – look to Sparklewren for lace-up corsets and Etsy for blue tulle skirts.

0408LexiUnicorn_39 0408LexiUnicorn_24

I love, love, love rainbow-coloured hair. I don’t know if I could make the commitment to it myself (are those days behind me?!), plus I’m a die-hard blondie now, so my option would be temporary hair chalks or clip-in extensions. You can get these on Etsy really easily. Or you can grab some of the dyes from Bleach London with the amazing names like ‘Awkward Peach’ and ‘Violet Skies’. Or their hair crayons with the equally ace names like ‘Washed-Up Mermaid’.

Flower crown
These beauties are just about everywhere at the moment. And I love it. They’re a really versatile way of adding beauty to your look, and you can have quirky and over-the-top crowns, or you can have more subtle ones. There’s an adaptable way with the flower crown, and you can totally find your look somewhere along that scale. Try Rosey Posey Creations (see all the features on Way Out Wedding here), Crown and Glory, and Rock ‘n’ Rose to find your perfect floral headwear.

This is some bright colour magic with the eye make-up here, but the reason it works and looks sweet rather than way too much is that her lips are a subtle sugary pink in contrast to the bolder eyes. It’s one or the other if you want to look good rather than garish – you do your lips or you do your eyes.

Lexie is rocking a silvery blue and a pink on her eyelids. I was always told pink on your eyes would make you look like a sick rabbit, but I’ve worn it loads, and it looks bloody brilliant, as it does here. Lime Crime would be your go-to place for these poppy colours. Its ‘Palette d’Antoinette‘ is pretty perfect, actually. Some black eyeliner flicks and massive lashes later and you have yourself some excellent wedding peepers.

For the lips, Urban Decay has two lipsticks that I think come close to this shade – ‘Native’ and ‘Obsessed’.



This is where I look a fool what with my awful floral ignorance. I want to say the bouquet is pink roses and baby’s breath. Or is it gypsophilia?? If you know, please tell me!! I want to learn the ways of bouquet flowers! As a wedding blogger, I should know my stuff here. I know peonies! I had peonies. *Trails off…*




These ones remind me of Fondant Fancies. They have that vibe. The colours tie in with the bouquet, the dress and the make-up, linking it all together. Really cute attention to detail. Some of the cake makers I like are: Jane Rose CakesThe Cake CupperyNevie-Pie Cakes. These guys would sort you out some very stylish cupcakes.

So, will you be having candy colours on your wedding day? What did you like most about this shoot? Are you inspired to incorporate any of its details into your big day? Let me know!

Roll Credits
Photography – Millyjane Photography
Model – Lexie Lou
MUA & hair – Sarah Kay
Dress – Damsel in this Dress
Flower crown – made by Milly with flowers from Northside Flower Market