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I’ve featured a few real weddings now from Yes I Do Photography. Go right this instant to view the quirky cool Amsterdam wedding in the sloping pub, the hazy summer picnic wedding, and the wedding in a fortress. Amazing, right?



Wouter van Twillert is the man with the camera who runs Yes I Do, and I am all sorts of in love with his photography and with the cool couples and incredibly stylish weddings he gets to shoot. They’re the weddings Pinterest loves. They totally jump out at me, and when I look on his website I think, “I must blog that immediately” about every single thing I see.

Back in May of this year, Wouter won the Bruidsfoto Award in Dutch wedding magazine, Bruid. I love this image (below) – it’s like a scene from a movie!


I thought rather than gush on a whole lot, I’d let the man behind the camera speak and tell us what drives him as a photographer, what his interests and influences are, and use the opportunity to show you a selection of his stunning images. You will thank me!

What are your top tips for getting great wedding photos?
Have fun, and relax! Be extra sweet and romantic to each other during the shoot.

How should people go about choosing a photographer for their big day?
Obviously choose one whose pictures you really like. Don’t tell him what you want him to do. He will only be the best if you fully trust him in rocking your wedding.

bastiaangerlinde_1042 amberjoris-13451 yesido_demo2013_30x22_9

What made you get into photography?
Graphic design. I’ve studied design, and photography has a lot in common with the aesthetics of graphic design. I wanted to break away from the computer and got drawn to photography. I really like to photograph and interact with people.

What’s your favourite thing to shoot other than weddings?
Family and friends. I really like the new breed of small mirrorless cameras. They allow me to take a very good small camera with me at all times. My friends and family see me most of the time with a camera!

yesido-andriesfrancine-1047 yesido-eriknienke-1350 yesido-loveshoot-935

Are you able to leave your camera behind, or are you a photo addict?
I can’t resist taking pictures when I find awesome light! But my wife wants me to take pictures with my eyes instead of the camera so that I don’t randomly run off to take photos all the time!

Whose work do you admire?
I really admire the photographers of the World Press Photo contest. They make awesome, impactful work in very hard and uncontrolled conditions.

rolandmachteld-savethedate-yesido-5311 yesido-thijsloes-1029-Edit

Inspirational phrase to live by?
Be the best version of yourself.

If you could photograph anyone or anything, who or what would that be?
Tomorrow’s wedding! Or if you happened to have a time machine, I would be very interested to photograph Jesus walking around Jerusalem.

cornelishelena-912 gijsbertwendy-epic-tiltshift

What art/books/websites/magazines inspire you?
I follow a few good graphic design inspirational websites. And I look a lot at photographer blogs about hardware, behind-the-scenes, and lighting setups for studio portrait shoots. A lot of photographers are big photo nerds. Me too!

What music did you choose at your own wedding?
We got married two years ago. The theme song of our wedding was Let Love Rule by Lenny Kravitz. The song for the first dance was a very cool medley of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Black Eyed Peas. The last dance song was One More Time by Daft Punk.

yesido-paulrianne-1614 stefanjudith-617-2

yesido_janmarlieke_1402-Edit yesido-diederiknienke-155

You can find Yes I Do Photography at: Website // Facebook // Instagram