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Selfie quality sucks, but here is moi before the wedding!

Selfie quality sucks, but here is moi before the wedding!

I went to the loveliest family wedding last Saturday. Everything about the day was beautiful. I write and think about weddings all the time, but actually being at one, especially a family one, is something even better again. Full of magic, love, fun, happiness. This is one of the only pictures I took during the day. I unplugged and enjoyed the atmosphere, letting the details be documented by the professional photographers. It was really interesting, actually, watching the photographer and her second shooter from the position of knowing much more now about what they do. And let me tell you, they do an absolute ton. Anyone wondering why you pay so much for them can stop wondering because they do so, so much, and it really is way more than ‘taking a few snaps’. I was fascinated watching them work!

The dress I have on is from New Look, was a tenner in the sale, and was worn to my own hen do five years ago. It’s a fashion lifesaver! It did try to fall down when I was having a boogie with the best man, which was embarrassing, but it redeemed itself by having a baby weight hiding peplum. God bless the peplum.

The Weddings, etc.


Photo by Fred + Hannah via Hello May

The Business

DIY fall floral pumpkin centrepiece

DIY fall floral pumpkin centrepiece


The Fashion

From Neiman Marcus‘s The Book (September 2014)


Image via Fashion Gone Rogue

The Other

Spaced is 15 years old! Whaaat?! My favourite love story ever.


Image source

What’s your favourite Spaced quote? Mine is definitely, “skip to the end.”