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This time last week, I was heading off to the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards at The Savoy! I was so, so nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect at all. When I got off the train in London, I found that I didn’t have a clue how to get to the Savoy, even though I lived and worked in London for 11 years and one of my employers has offices almost next door. Oh dear. Navigation was never one of my skills! I faffed around in Liberty for an age and picked up my loyalty card holder’s birthday gift. I was totally putting off going through sheer nerves!!

Toilet selfie!!

Toilet selfie!!

When I got there, I got speaking to the absolutely lovely Lauren from The Natural Wedding Company – also up for the Best Alternative Wedding Blog award – and my nerves soon calmed because we were chit chatting away like old chums. I met in person for the first time a lot of gorgeous fellow bloggers and photographers who I’d only ever spoken to over email and social media before. It was fabulous, they were so friendly and warm, and I was a little star struck at first – so silly! However, there were so many more people that I didn’t get to speak to, which was disappointing, but next time for sure.

Me with the loveliest Erica of Mr and Mrs Unique and Alexa of Lexy Loy Photography - loved these two!!

Me with the loveliest Erica of Mr and Mrs Unique and Alexa of Lexy Loy Photography – loved these two!!

There was a photobooth by Boothnation (with a wind machine!!), which I was hideously rubbish at – the only other one of these things I’ve ever been in was when I was getting serious passport photos done. I had no clue and hence have the expression of a slapped fish, ha!

The cakes by Choccywoccydoodah were exceptional, the canapés were divine, and the champagne was ever flowing! Thank you so, so much to Wedding Magazine, By Bruce Russell, and The Savoy (which, by the way, is beyond fancy, it’s a dreamscape of a place) for an excellent night!

And thanks to one of my best friends in the world, Lindsay, who was my plus one – we’ve known each other since school, so we just had a great laugh all night catching up as everything happened fabulously around us. Love you, Linds! xx

Choccywoccydoodah cupcake gorgeousness

Choccywoccydoodah cupcake gorgeousness

The Savoy - a place beyond swanky

The Savoy – a place beyond swanky

And the biggest thank you goes to all the gorgeous folk who first of all nominated me and then voted for me. I can’t even explain what that meant to me as such a new blogger on the scene. It gave me a big confidence boost that I can actually do this amazing thing that I’m lucky enough to call my job, that I’m of help to those getting married, and that you forgive me my rather erratic (at the moment!) publishing schedule. Seriously, thank you. I love each one of you for voting. Hugs by the million!

I didn't win but I seeing my blog up on the screen was kind of close!!

I didn’t win but I seeing my blog up on the screen was kind of close!!

And last but in no way least – congratulations to all the winners!! I whooped several times as my favourites won or got highly commended. Well-deserved, blogger babes!

The other incredibly exciting thing is that the redesign is almost complete!! I’ll go through all the changes once they’re live, but let me know what you think so far. I love the huge pictures and the cleaner look. Much more me!

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Fancy winning yourself an engagement shoot from alternative photographer Paula Broome? Yes, I hear you say! Well, head over to Ultimate Wedding Magazine immediately and enter here! Closing date is Hallowe’en, so get a crack on!