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We most of us have worried about our weight from time to time. Whether it’s because we feel under pressure from the media, or that we’re coming from a health angle, it happens. Add to this the pressure of a wedding day with all the expectations that surround that, and well you have yourself quite the perfect storm for pondering if you should lose weight in time for walking down the aisle.


I was a little over and above what I felt comfortable with weight wise in the months before my own wedding day, so I went running and to the gym. Not because I thought I was hideous, or that my husband-to-be thought I was (he didn’t and has always made me feel like a goddess no matter what the bathroom scales have said to me), but because my weight just didn’t make me feel like me. I feel like myself around a certain ballpark figure, so I aimed to get back to kind of near there. I didn’t really achieve the goal weight, and was heavier than I am now, but I felt more familiar and that was more than dandy! Basically, I was getting back to myself anyway and the wedding day just happened to be in the middle of that!


When the fabulous Karen Whybro from Rock the Frock Bridal sent me this piece on the losing weight for your wedding quandary, I snapped it up for you guys. It’s a brilliant word in your ear about how to navigate the pressure we can all feel over being a certain weight on your big day…

Engaged? Great! Now, where do we start? If you look to magazines, blogs or newspapers for your bridal inspiration, you’re probably aware of just how enormous the wedding machine is and how brides-to-be are bombarded with information and images right from the start. Inspiration is one thing, but what happens when that inspiration turns into pressure?

The wedding industry can be a full-on place to inhabit. The usual media rules mean most bridalwear images are of size zero models draped over a chaise-longue or standing in the middle of a cornfield looking wistful. Wonderful. But let’s face it, we’re not all a size zero, and thank goodness! But, the day when all eyes are on you, and with photographs that last forever, lots of brides feel the need to get as close as they can to that ‘ideal’ portrayed all around us.

And, sadly, the wedding industry is full of weight loss schemes – pills, diets, exercise regimes, shakes, wraps and the like, all designed to play on those wedding day insecurities. The wedding day weight loss brigade is a huge monster of an industry that serves one purpose: to make money. These people don’t actually care if you’re a size 8 or 18 on your wedding day, so who else really will?


If asked “Should I lose weight for my wedding day?” my first answer would be this:

“Who are you losing it for?”

Chances are, your other half proposed to you at the weight you are now, right? Your friends and family when you first announced your engagement are still your friends and family who’ll be there on the day, swooning over your choice of dress and blubbing at the ceremony.

Some brides will want to lose a little weight for themselves, to feel at their best on the big day. Some want to get back to the weight they were when they met their partner, which is fair enough. It’s all about choice. Choosing which weight-loss plan you use is also hugely important and keep the focus on health over weight.

Now, I know this sounds like a crazy claim, but guess what? Being thin doesn’t always equal looking your best. I’ve heard of brides ordering their dream dress two sizes too small to force themselves into losing weight for the wedding. While this might sound like a good idea, let’s think about real life! Yes, your wedding day is hugely important, but life goes on while you’re wedding planning and it can be hugely stressful in the run up to the big day. Having this extra pressure of HAVING to lose the weight by a deadline will add massively to that stress. And, what happens if you don’t make it? Squeezing into that dress is never a good idea and definitely won’t result in your looking your best!


Even if you are a little heavier than you’d like, an experienced stylist in a bridal boutique would be able to advise you on the best shape, style and fabrics to choose to flatter your figure. Choosing the right dress is crucial to looking your best, regardless of weight. Over everything else, this should be the biggest consideration for you when planning your bridal style. And the rule of wedding dress shopping? Try everything! Many brides walk away with a dress that is very different to what they first pictured themselves wearing. A hairdresser told me recently to cover the model’s face when choosing a hairstyle from a magazine, and I think this is a great tip for brides. Look at your body shape, and then choose a dress that works for you.

Whether it’s the cost of the venue, which invitations to choose or what colour the bridesmaids do or don’t want to wear, the whole wedding planning process can be a stressful one. At the end of the day, when you’re looking back at those pictures and wishing you could do it all again, all that matters is the happy couple. And you’re at your happiest when you’re being true to yourself. Be you and be proud!

What do you think? Have you felt under pressure? Succumbed to the pressure? Said “sod off” to the pressure?! Let us know!

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