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Pretty excitingly, Way Out Wedding is growing and expanding, so I’m looking for amazing experts to join the team of contributors.

The first area of the site to get a boot in the behind is the beauty section. This is something brides- and grooms-to-be will be thinking of as high priority as they plan to be their most glamorous selves on the big day. It’s a section of the blog that’s lacking at the moment. Time to fix it.

So, are you a make-up artist, a hair stylist, or maybe a total beauty product junkie who loves to write? Way Out Wedding needs you! Here’s the sort of thing I’m after…

1. Tutorials – step-by-step instructions with great photos on how to create a certain look, whether it’s retro styling, ombré locks, or crazy manis, I’m all for seeing how it’s done. The photos don’t have to be professionally shot, but they should have good lighting and be of great quality at 975 pixels wide or higher.

2. Tips and advice – how to care for your heat-damaged hair, how to keep your wedding make-up awesome after dancing for hours, how to be glam when you’re a wallflower at heart. You get the gist.

3. Product reviews – we all love a beauty tip and a conspiratorial recommendation of a great new product. If you’ve found something amazing that lasts all day and would be perfect for those getting married, write a review and share the love! I’ll only be featuring cruelty free products, mind, so check with the kind to furries list before submitting.

These are just a few examples to get you started. I’m open to suggestions! Just email me with your ideas and if they’re right for the blog, let’s go from there.

What to do first…

* Contact me with a brief description of what you’d be writing plus a one paragraph bio (this will be used on your author bio on the contributors page)
* Attach up to 3 photos you’d be using (don’t worry if there’d be more in the actual post, this is just the initial contact stage) with photographer credit and permission
* Include links to your website or social media – I’ll need these for when I publicise your post to the max!
* Any writing examples, include them!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Photo credits from left

Feather and Stone Photography

Anna Ivanova Photography

Nick Dorey Photography