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When I was in the first year at big school, we had wonderful mythology lessons where my head was turned by the stories of flawed but beautiful gods and goddesses. What a rich palette of tales of love, emotion, power, beauty with dark elements such as war and revenge. Such drama!

Gwenda Jeffs of The Vintage Floral Design Co. sent me this elegant shoot with its style rooted firmly in these classics. I loved every image, and saw that the theme is just right for both traditional and quirky brides. You could go either way with the details. What a versatile editorial. Here’s Gwenda with the story behind the shoot. I love very much her reasons for selecting each flower!

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Kat Forsyth and I had both been itching to shoot at The Sculpture Park for ages. Sian, who coordinates The Sculpture Gift List side of the business, kindly invited me over one day for a recce visit. I noticed that many of the sculptures, although modern in style, lent themselves to a classical theme – and so the concept for this shoot developed from there.

Karen at Rock the Frock Bridal Boutique lent us the gowns for our Three Graces; ‘Maggese’ by Federica Bruno Couture, ’Epic’ and ‘Jane’ by Tobi Hannah. These were accessorised with exquisite jewellery and hair accessories, hand made by Caroline of Rosie Weisencrantz Vintage Jewellery.

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Tania, our hair stylist and MUA, created a soft bridal look for each of our girls, which stood up beautifully despite the best efforts of the weather – it rained solidly all day, with the exception of the last half an hour!

Keeping dry the laurel wreath stationery, created by Amy of Dottypink Designs, and the delicious cakes and biscuits crafted by Renza of Delicieux Cakes, was therefore a bit of a challenge! Both of their contributions tied together the key elements of the shoot and beautifully reinforced the theme.

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For the florals, I chose to use a flowers and foliage combination that featured in Greek mythology and Ancient Greek culture. These included: Roses and Daisies (sacred to Aphrodite); Orchids (after the flower that Orchis was turned into and the importance of the bloom as a fertility symbol); Delphinium (which was said to have blossomed from the blood of Aias); Palm leaves (sacred to Leto, Apollon and Nike); Ivy (sacred to Dionysos); and Olive trees (sacred to Athene and Zeus and therefore the most important tree in their culture).

My thanks go to the wonderful contributors and models who braved the elements to bring this project to life – and to Erin for featuring us on Way Out Wedding!

Roll Credits
Venue – The Sculpture Park/The Sculpture Gift List
Photography – Kat Forsyth Photography
Dresses – Rock The Frock Bridal Boutique (Federica Bruno Couture and Tobi Hannah ranges)
Flowers – The Vintage Floral Design Co.
Stationery – Dottypink Designs
Accessories – Rosie Weisencrantz Vintage Jewellery
Hair & Make-Up – Tania Claire
Cake – Delicieux Cakes

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