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I was born in the 1970s, so by the time the ’90s swung round with its Supermodels and punky, grungey queens, I was the perfect age for going nuts over make-up. One of my best friends in the entire world, Lindsay, and I would go and spend our Saturdays in Boots, The Body Shop, and eventually when we went all swanky-pants, at the department store beauty counters. We fell in love with all the brands from rites of passage names such as Rimmel, Boots 17 and Natural Collection, through Mary Quant and Marks and Spencer, all the way to Chanel, Dior, YSL and Helena Rubinstein. We thought we were very cool! So much inspiration was found in our glossy magazines, and a teenhood was misspent piling on the colours and the styles. Linz was the queen of the flawless foundation base, and I won the eyeliner. Good times!!

As I’ve stated, this blog sorely needs its beauty section kicked in the ass, and I’m all ‘out of touch mum’ now, a far cry from the girl described above, so I asked for help from experts in make-up and beauty, and boy did they did arrive! First up is the lovely Emily London. Emily, a beauty blogger who adores her make-up, knows her latest trends as well as her products. Her voice is knowledgeable and her finger is on the pulse in a way mine is not any more, so I leave you in her capable hands…


…this autumn/winter, there’s most definitely been a focus on recreating the make-up looks of the ’90s, with everyone from models on the catwalks to celebs rocking the look.

The easiest way to change up your make-up look for a ’90s vibe is with lipstick. Below are a few ideas to inspire you, and that are also easy to create. Two different lipsticks you could use to get each look are listed: one super affordable, and one high-end product.



Image source – Fashion Gone Rogue

This is all about creating a light pink pout with a sheen finish – a very subtle yet pretty look, and perfect for day-to-day wear as well as the wedding day, it’ll certainly reflect the cold, frosty mornings ahead of us this winter. You could easily dress the make-up look up by teaming with a heavy, smokey eye. To recreate this look, you could use products such as:


darkk lips

Image source – Elle UK

This look is most definitely for the braver make-up wearers out there, and I would say the darker the lip colour the better! Wear with a touch of mascara, and contour your cheekbones with a matte look bronzer for a defined look.

Do not be afraid to try this look out, even though it’s bold. Opt for matte lipsticks in shades like dark plums, burgundys and berry tones. I personally love them, but be sure when you’re wearing dark matte lip colours that you apply a touch of lip balm underneath to prevent dry flakey lips (not a good look). There are plenty of colours out there to get this look, but I love:


Nasty Gal 2

Image source – Nasty Gal

Mix up your classic, traditional red lip and go for a darker, bluer shade, perfect for the cold autumn/winter. Ensure a clean application by using a lip liner and also remember to check teeth for any lipstick rub-off – no one wants to have red stains on their teeth!

My two favourite shades are:


Kylie Jenner Huffington Post

Image source – The Huffington Post

A very wearable look, made popular again by Kylie Jenner, simply choose a dark nude lip shade, then for a more stand-out look, wear with lined lips – you can slightly overdraw the lips for a fuller pout. This look can be worn with a dark brown eye or even a sleek cat flick eyeliner – you’ll be bang on trend. You can recreate this look simply with:

  • bareMinerals Marvellous Moxie® in Be Free
  • Boots Seventeen Mirror Shine in Beehive

So, what look will you go for? Are there any from the ’90s we’ve missed out?

Please note all brands listed here are cruelty free. Be kind to furry things!!

Please also note that we have received no payment or products – all suggestions are our own.