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Imagine just for a second being a mermaid, swimming so freely and elegantly, being at one with the sea. Now imagine that you’re doing this while wearing an exquisite bridal gown. That is one daydream that would be amazing to live out!! The lucky models on this beautiful shoot got to do exactly that in a stunning Sarah Janks gown. Just look at these wonderful photos! Magical, ethereal, and how they show off the flow and drapery of the dress to perfection. I spoke to the photographer, Melissa Wolf, about how it all came about.

The idea was really simple. I simply wanted to photograph women swimming, and my goal with these images was to show femininity in the water. It ended up being much more than that…femininity, strength, courage.
I have always felt at home in the water – graceful and free – and I really wanted the images in the pool to reflect that. It started off just women swimming, but then I happened to come across a GORGEOUS Sarah Janks dress that was so graciously given to me to use. It was seriously HARD to get it wet. It was so, so, so, SO pretty!!
The dress brought on a whole new dimension and beauty to the images. The silk and chiffon moved just like you would imagine it moving as a kid….when you close your eyes and take a deep breath, dive into the pool and are instantly transformed into that mermaid in the sea. I’m so grateful to the models who were brave enough to put it on and ‘swim’. They are truly some of my favorite images to date, and I can’t wait to shoot more.
Dress – Cassidy by Sarah Janks
Photographer – Melissa Wolf
Models – Lindsey Larson & Jessica Beck