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I saw the images from the Ersa Atelier Fall 2015 bridal collection, as débuted at New York International Bridal Week in October this year, and was blown away by the regality, the structure and the luxury. This is a showstopping collection, and I am thrilled to be able to show you some of the absolute highlights here on Way Out Wedding.

Most times I will rewrite a press release, but actually this one says it all better than I could, so I’m not going to. Read on for the story of the designs, a story set in royalty, heroines, and in all the lands of all the world. Romantic and strong, this is a collection you’re going to love!

The 2015 collection reveals exclusive and sumptuous haute couture bridal gowns, inspired by women’s greatness throughout history:

“It brings out a beautiful and extravagant contrast between the contemporary and baroque periods,’’ say designers Cristina and Gabriela Antonescu.

As queens rules over kingdoms, and princesses spread beauty and courage, so does the 2015 approach. In a tale of mixing elegant textures with solely handcrafted embroidery and Swarovski crystals and pearls, the dresses recreate the noble and luxurious atmosphere of one’s inner self during evolutions.

All designs are manually crafted using high class materials such as silk tulle, duchess, silk taffeta, French lace.

The collection’s influences come from our contemporary, multicultural approach. From Asia to America, from Russia to Europe, trends combine in a feeling of emotional richness. A dress becomes part of your personality in all its dimensions.

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The collection is available in both modern and classical colours, adapting each dress to the bride’s personality: from white and ivory to standalone colours, catching every eye.

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Aren’t they completely amazing?! Which would you choose? Let me know!