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If you’re as yet undecided over whether or not to bother with save the dates, you really need to see the ones from Minted. No quick email to your nearest and dearest could ever compete with these. I think you’ll be heading down the ‘yes’ route fairly quickly now!

I was asked if I could show these to my readers, and it was honestly a no-brainer to say yes, yes, yes. There is such a wide range of styles to choose from, yet there is one thread that links them: design savvy. As someone who loves her typography and design, there are loads in the collection that caught my eye. From bright and bold, to cutesy and romantic, to hipster, to minimalist, there was a design for most camps. I am genuinely impressed.

You can even get some of them embellished with foils so they really pop. This is a detail I love, seeing as my logo is a nod in that direction.

If you’ve not heard of Minted, it’s a marketplace for indie designers. So, basically there are artists all over the world who you might never hear about because their social media and advertising may never reach you. Like ships in the night, as it were. Minted is a way to bring them and their work to a bigger audience via its website.

I like the ethos of the company and how fair its methods are. As an artist, you submit your design to the art challenge, that’s then voted on by Minted website visitors, i.e. the actual punters, and the designs that are most popular get produced. Completely fair and evenhanded and only the genuine favourites will get marketed. Quite right. And every sale supports the artist.

Mission: Allow the best designs to surface based on community interaction and not based on where a designer was educated, what type of capital or connections they have, or anything besides the pure quality of a design as judged by the community. We think this is the future of retail.

There is even an awesome blog, full of inspiration posts and DIYs. Get on my reading list!!

Anyway, so here are a few of my absolute favourites. Thank you, Minted, for getting in touch with me. I adore the designs and I love mindful and supportive companies. Win, win!