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I’m used to seeing amazing dresses from designers who have themselves a website and the full arsenal of social media behind them. Kathryn Russell has none of this, but still her dresses are gaining some attention and her reputation is purely word of mouth. No mean feat in our modern world of technology where retweets and ‘likes’ are king when it comes to spreading the word. But it’s no surprise that these dresses are getting known – they are stunning, delicate and very English heroine. They’re wonderful.

This photoshoot was put together by the brilliant Charis Talbot-Jones, whose work gets me hitting that ‘like’ button a lot when I see it on Facebook! I’ll leave you with her to tell you the story behind this charming and late summery shoot:

The shoot was for Kathryn Russell, a bridal designer who goes by word of mouth and is based in Gosforth, Newcastle, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times now. I recruited my friend Kitty Kerry who is an amazing make-up artist, and who works primarily in bridal. I contacted model Cindy Nicoll who jumped at the chance to be a bride for the day.

We based the theme around one of the dresses, which is very Pride and Prejudice in style, so we kept it simple, letting the dress be the focal point. The flowers were hastily bought by me on the morning of the shoot after a trip to the dentist! The florists didn’t have much, so I decided to just do a very basic posy out of what is usually used as a filler flower. I thought if I saw any wild flowers, I’d just pop them in. I’m very happy with the flowers now as I didn’t want anything too flamboyant and they helped keep the rustic and vintage look.


The first images we shot were in Sunniside, Tyne and Wear, in a cornfield behind a housing estate that I’d spied previously. It was thankfully very quiet and there weren’t any onlookers. The sun was very bright, though, so I had to be creative with positioning the model so she didn’t squint.

The second dress of the day was shot next to a main road in Gateshead by my house as it was the Thursday when all the parks, etc., were closed for a strike. I’d seen the little patch of green before and loved that it was overgrown and wild, so it was a very romantic setting for the images.


I loved shooting with Cindy, who can do smiley and happy as well as smouldering and serious. I love these images! Post-processing was very simple, too – the advantage of having a great make-up artist.

We got lots of looks and comments walking to the second location, and it was really nice to see how the whole community suddenly came out of their front doors and gardens to say hello and compliment Cindy on looking so nice.


Kathryn’s dresses are exquisite, with a fantastic attention to detail and hours of work put into embroidery and beading. I can’t wait for us to work together again.

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Photography – Charis Talbot Photography
Dresses – Kathryn Russell (you can visit Kathryn by appointment, telephone number: UK +44(0)191 ~ 284652)
MUA – Kitty Kerry Make-up Artistry
Model – Cindy Nicoll